Review – Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #2 (DC Comics)

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Publisher: DC Comics
Script: Robert Venditti
Art: Rafa Sandoval and Jordi Tarragona
Release Date: 10th August, 2016

So that’ll be Hal Jordan back then. With DC Rebirth in full swing, we lost “Space Cowboy/vigilante” Hal, and gained the ring-slinging, wise cracking wildcard Hal, and boy is it a welcome return to form.

We open with another quick recap for any readers who happened to miss what had been going on at the tail end of the New 52 (of which I was one) with the Corps, giving just enough info for the story to carry on. Essentially, the Corps had been away, now they’re back and lost in space.

Characterisation wise, Venditti hits the nail on the head with the reintroduction of Killowog, John Stewart and Guy Gardner, with each of them being absolutely spot on. I’ve always had a soft spot for Guy, so it’s good to see him back, less angry and wearing the green.

Enough about the Corps though, it’s Hal’s name on the cover so lets talk about him. First off, Rafa Sandoval, with Jordi Tarragona on inks, draws a mean Green Lantern book. Especially Hal. That smirk is dead on, and he’s always looking ever so slightly proud of himself.

Gone is the bad-ass demeanor, with the sarcastic, witty one-liner spouting Hal now back with a vengeance! Finally! The dialogue is a bit hammy at times, with lines like “leaving? Smartest thing you’ve done all day” coming straight out of an 80’s action movie. Not a bad thing necessarily, but slightly distracting and undeniably corny.

The biggest standout of the issue for me was the art work, though. Green Lantern books have had some incredible talent on them in the past, and the newest team isn’t pulling any punches! With super thick linework, and “speed lines” aplenty, it’s a dynamic book for sure. I seem to be noticing more and more recently that artists seem to be moving away from traditional page layouts, something which is very apparent here with almost every other page being a splash, and random floating panels aplenty It gives the book a distinctly ‘otherworldly’ feel, and conveys the fast pace the story needs. That said, much like the hammy dialogue, after a whole book of it, it started to become distracting. Especially on occasions where a “normal” layout would have worked just fine.

Overall though, this is a stellar second issue that has made me care about these characters again. It really goes to show that when Green Lantern comics are good, they’re really good. Hopefully the story will continue to improve in leaps and bounds and avoid the all-too-frequent situation where a new book appears to hold such unlimited promise only to go off like a wet firework.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that’s for sure.

Rating: 4/5.

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chrThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
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