Justice League Dark movie “Dark Justice” reportedly finds its new director

Justice_League_Dark_Vol_1_30_Textless1-e1444334931165Variety are reporting that Doug Liman is set to direct Warner Bros and DC Entertainment’s upcoming Justice League Dark Movie, “Dark Universe.”

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed, Liman was previously attached to the troubled Channing Tatum “Gambit” movie, but insiders are reporting that the decision to move on was mutual.

Justice League Dar— uhh, “Dark Justice” is expected to take the form of an ensemble piece featuring John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon.

Scott Rudin is set to produce the film, with Michael Gilio on scriptwriting duties.  No release date or casting details have been announced yet.

Liman has a solid if slightly inconsistent directorial history, including the likes of The Edge of Tomorrow and the Bourne Identity.

So, what do we think of the addition? Do you think Liman will be able to do these characters (dark) justice?

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1 Comment on Justice League Dark movie “Dark Justice” reportedly finds its new director

  1. I’ve high hopes for Justice League Dark, and I think Doug Liman is a good choice for director. Fingers crossed for this one!

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