Review: DTHRTL #3

DTHRTL(Death Rattle) #3DR3_1.jpg
Bob Turner

The final part of Bob Turner’s story about a nameless man, on an adventure though (presumably) time and space. That’s the easy way of describing DTHRTL, and it not only does it a disservice, but doesn’t even scratch the surface on this emotional tale, of one man’s journey.

Not a book you can just tag in on the last issue, I can’t recommend reading the whole series if you want to catch up. We first rejoin our lead man as he thumps back on the ground and continues his way. The way the story has been crafted by Bob Turner, is nothing short of inspiring. The entire story is purely visual based, with no dialogue, and the story only being told by the progression of panels. While in other hands, this can seem contrived and phoney, Turner’s use of the medium is right up there with the silent episode of Buffy and Ultimate Spider-Man #133 (you know the one)  with his use of visuals to tell a story.

The story progresses in a slightly unnatural way as well, with panels being laid out in such a way that sometimes they just “checkerboard” a larger image, or move in their own way. I can only assume this is used to show aforementioned progression (the bridge scene in particular is a favourite of mine).

Enough can’t be said about Bob’s actual art work itself though. Fitting snugly in the middle, between super bright and colourful, and digital, it makes the images themselves jump off the page, and be a genuine pleasure to read. You can see from every page, that it was painfully created, with a minuet attention to detail that makes the book stand out from other Indies on the shelves (Boat. Scene.)

I could go on and on about how much I love the series as a whole, but I’d just be repeating myself. This book/series a master class in visual poetry and each and every page is a pleasure to read, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice by not picking it up and passing it on to everyone you can.

Oh yeah, and it ends pretty good too, just saying.

5 Skulls out of 5

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chrThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
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