Advance Review – Seven to Eternity

SeventoEternity_01-1.pngWriter: Rick Remender
Artist: Jerome Opena/Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 21/09/16

Look like the Dream Team of Remender and Opena are back then, eh?

I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that it’s known how much of a phenomenal writer Remender is, and how almost everything he touches just now turns to gold. So I was already pretty much sold on Seven to Eternity before I even read it, when it was announced he’d be producing it with Jerome Opena, whom he previously worked on Uncanny X-Force with. Then I actually got to read it…

Straight off the bad, we’re given an information dump, then thrown straight into the Frey, as we get a brief introduction to Adam and his Family. from there the pacing never really relents, with Remender crafting a tale that, while slightly contrived in its premise, manages to grab the attention straight away and suck you in.From there, we begin our journey, as Adam quests to find the Mud King and make him answer for his digressions.

Opena’s art work is to his usual standard, which is not to say it’s anything short of stunning. With overworked lines, and an attention to detail almost unrivalled in the industry. His background work perfectly complements is character design and creature work, and together with Remender has created a stunning world of magic and beasts . Joining Opena this time round, is Colouring Powerhouse Matt Hollingsworth, who brings his absolute A game to the table, with his keen eye, once again knowing when to have a muted palette, and when to go all out neon.

The only thing that lets the book down slightly, is that the first issue feels a little rushed. Image has become known for their oversized first issues, and I feel that the world the team have built here could have one with more space to breathe than it was given. Not a big problem by a long shot, as when it’s all collected, I’m sure it’ll read beautifully, but for a first issue, I expected a little more, after the roll that Remender has been on recently.

For fans of D&D, Heavy Metal, Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and just a touch of Wheel of Time, this could be the next big series to keep an eye on.

chrThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
You can also find Chris on Twitter.

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