Trailer released for Extended Cut of SUICIDE SQUAD!

Warner Bros have just released the trailer for their upcoming Suicide Squad Extended Cut Blu-ray, which will feature scenes not seen in the theatrical release.

The film has overcome a somewhat lackluster critical reception to amass just under $740 million at the box office, with its domestic gross of $321 million falling just a small way behind Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s $330 million.

You can check out the teaser below, and make sure to look out for the Extended Cut – featuring 13 minutes of footage never previously seen – when it arrives on Digital HD on November 15th and Blu-Ray on December 13th.

ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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1 Comment on Trailer released for Extended Cut of SUICIDE SQUAD!

  1. I wasn’t too impressed with the extended / ultimate cut of BvS tbh, but it seemed inevitable Suicide Squad would get the same treatment. I didn’t mind Suicide Squad, it stared promising enough, but dissolved into a CGI mess in the last act. A shame, it had a lot of potential to be really good. Maybe this extended version will improve it somewhat?

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