Review – I Hate Fairyland #10 (Image Comics)

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer/Artist: Skottie Young
Colours: Jean – Francois Beaulieu
Publishing Date: 19th October 2016

As Gert walks away dragging Larrigon with her into another impending disaster, we wave goodbye to the second arc of this wonderfully bat guano fairytale for another wee while *sob*. But they will be back *yay*

Quite a lot has happened in this the second arc of I Hate Fairyland. Gert has been Queen, not been Queen, roamed the lands some more, met and lost a dragon (actually a boy, Duncan, dressed as a dragon), met some excellent characters, lost a game of poker, been in Larry’s hat, been beaten to an absolute pulp and made Larry’s life an everlasting circle of hell that can only be broken by the welcome embrace of death.

Issues #6-10 have been one and done adventures this time as opposed the first arc that had a continuous story. It is, however, still based around Gert’s wish to get back home and it’s still a bloody entertaining read.

This latest issue focuses on Gert being given the choice between two doors, one will take her home and the other will “bring the darkness”. How bad can it be I hear you ask? Well, we are given a short insight into just how dark it will be and it’s fluffing dark. Will Gert choose correctly? What the hell do you think?

I Hate Fairyland never fails to deliver. The glorious Skottie Young art and extremely funny storyline teamed with the eye-wateringly acidic colouring of Jean Francois-Bealieu makes for one of my most favourite comics of all time. It’s like a guilty pleasure because it’s rude and cheeky but not rude enough that you have to read it while hiding it in between a copy of National Geographic.

I’m sad to see Gert and Larry depart for the time being but I am reassured that when I see them again they will be up to no good as usual and that makes me happy.

I Hate Fairyland? I fluffing love Fairyland!

Rating: 5/5.

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