New GWAR comic Kickstarter is GLORIOUS, putrid human fleshbag!


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A Kickstarter for ORGASMAGEDDON, a brand new comic series from shock rock legends GWAR, has just gone live.

The new blasphemous, blood-drenched series sees GWAR partnering up with writer Matt Miner, artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, colourist Marissa Louise and letterer Taylor Esposito for a four-part, full-colour torrent of gore, blood, bile, and other assorted bodily fluids.

Speaking about the announcement, Miner said “I’ve been a fan of GWAR more than half my life. They’ve been one of my very favorite things since someone loaned 16-year-old me a cassette tape of Scumdogs of the Universe and my mind was warped for the better.  This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done aside from punking the Westboro Baptist Church, making them proclaim that my comics will ‘Split Hell wide open.’”

In addition to the main story, every issue of the series will contain extras – shorts featuring X-COPS (GWAR’s cult-favorite 1990s side project, lampooning corrupt police) and the follies of SAWBORG DESTRUCTO, GWAR’s fearsome but mostly incompetent nemesis from Planet Scumdogia.  Each issue will also feature art and story contributions from GWAR members themselves, starting with pieces by Bob Gorman (Bonesnapper the Cave Troll) and Matt Maguire (Sawborg Destructo).

Kickstarter backers will have access to items ranging from comics and exclusive KS covers to limited edition T-shirts, original painted art on drum heads from GWAR themselves, painted baby GOR-GOR character dinosaurs, honest to God STAGE-USED GWAR PROPS, and tons of autographed merchandise, such as posters signed by the entire band!

You can CLICK HERE to back the Kickstarter until November 25th.

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