MCM London October Recap

img_0650This October, MCM returned to London once again for its biannual event, and while it was definitely smaller than the May event, convention goers still attended in their thousands. With an improvement on numbers from October last year, 131,308 passed through the Excel Centre’s doors.

MCM October was much more focused towards voice actors from hit anime shows and video games than it was about the TV and movie stars of past events. October tends to get lesser known guests, but that is purely because a lot of them are busy filming, whereas in May they tend to be on a filming break. That said, despite a lack of “bigger name” guests, there was still a lot to do and see over the weekend.

The number one focus of the October convention seemed to be voice actors, and in that respect MCM had invited some of the biggest in the world. In terms of games there was the well-known Nolan North and Troy Baker, who as well as having impressive careers separately, have worked on big games together such as the Uncharted series. Voice actors from the popular shows RWBY and Attack on Titan were also at MCM to meet fans.

A big section of the convention was all about YouTube stars and getting the chance to meet your favourite YouTuber. As well as individuals, big channels such as Rooster Teeth had huge queues all weekend. Rooster Teeth make RWBY, so to have access to both the creators and voice actors from the show delighted fans.

14853207_10154430629423673_598368103061799852_oAlthough not as many as at the May event, there were still some impressive TV and talent present as guests. Stars such as Jamie Bamber, Warwick Davis and multiple cast members from Game of Thrones and Red Dwarf spoke about their careers and posed for photos.

Alongside the video games voice actors was the massive competitive gaming section of the convention. With trophies made by Artyfakes, there were prizes and competitions galore. As well as the big competitions for games such as Overwatch, Street Fighter V and League of Legends, MCM also hosted a retro games section. You could compete for cash prizes in your favourite old games such as Smash Bros, Mario Kart, speed run on Sonic and fighting in Street Fighter, or just play along for the nostalgia factor.

There were a lot of comic book based panels over the weekend, including a panel by indie publishers, Valiant and DC Comics about their recent Rebirth story-line. Whilst it was great to see comics getting more notice at an event which calls itself a comic con, DC did not turn up to their panel and fans were left waiting for 20 minutes with no explanation. No-one in the room was told that they hadn’t shown up, so a lot of fans were left disappointed.

No convention would be complete without its cosplayers, and once again there was cosplay aplenty. As well as meets, photo-shoots and videos, there was also the usual competitions to take part of. MCM hosted the masquerade, as well as the finals for the European Cosplay Championships. Talented cosplayers from all over Europe qualified for the chance to win the prestigious event.

MCM quite often premieres first episodes of TV shows and smaller films, and this event was no different. Everything included with the price of a ticket, entrants had the chance to see the first episode of the shows such as Humans, and fan films like Cable: The Chronicles of Hope with Q&A’s afterwards.

In an unusual turn of events, MCM have already announced a guest for May next year, Summer Glau, which has already got fans excited. MCM London might be over for another year, but with numbers constantly increasing and guests getting bigger and better each year, it is sure to come back next year bigger and better than ever.


12342801_1032454986804921_8148860193234525928_nThe writer of this piece was: Louise Saul (aka Tiny Tigress Cosplay)
Louise Tweets from @AikiSaul

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  1. Awesome, sounds like a great event :)

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