Warlord Games to produce 2000AD miniatures and games

Well now, Zarjaz news indeed with veteran uk miniature company Warlord Games adding 2000AD to their expanding stable of licenced products. 

Given the popular acclaim that their plastic Dr Who miniatures have received, we’re full to bursting with Thrill-power at the prospect of this – and that fact that it’s starting with Strontium Dog and his mutie-lovin’ kin just adds to that!

Speaking about the announcement, Paul Sawyer, Head of Product Design at Warlord Games, said “Many of us at Warlord are ardent 2000 AD fans so the chance to take on a licence to work with the stories we grew up with and continue to avidly enjoy was something of a dream come true. We have many ideas to bring the wonderful stories from our favourite strips – old and new – to the tabletop and work has begun in earnest to do justice (pun intended) to Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Flesh, Sláine, Kingdom and many of their sister strips.”

“Although development of our plans and designs are in very early stages we hope the first game to see the light of day will be set in the world of Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha – we’ll divulge more details in coming weeks and months though. If a mere Earthlet might dare to quote The Mighty Tharg: this is going to be scrotnig!”.

Keith Richardson, licensing manager for 2000 AD, added: “Knowing how many of the Warlord staff are fans of 2000 AD and seeing the wonderful craftsmanship in their work has me really excited. Together I’m positive that we will produce some truly zarjaz games.”

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