Review – Back to the Future: Citizen Brown TP (IDW Publishing)

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Publisher: IDW Pubklishing
Story: Erik Burnham and Bob Gale
Artwork: Alan Robinson
Colours: Maria Santaolalla
Letters: Shawn Lee
Release Date: 4th January, 2017

I enjoy Back to the Future as much as the next person. I mean, I was always more of a Bill and Ted guy, but when I saw that Erik Burnham was part of the creative team for this latest series, my interest was piqued. Given how much I love his work on IDW’s Ghostbusters, I decided to give this one a try. And, we’ll, I’m happy to report that I was definitely not disappointed.

The story follows on from the end of the last film, Cara pulling us into a dystopian future in which Doc Brown is a ‘big brother’ type figure. The story is really enjoyable with a good few twists and turns that kept me reading. The introduction of Principle Strickland’s sister is well done and she has a really in-depth arc which pays off really well.

My biggest problem with the story was the lack of explanation about where Clara, Jules and Verne were, or even what happened to them. Even a throwaway line about this Doc being from a different timeline would have been enough, especially with the destruction of the Delorian by the time train being referenced.  That said, the story has all the same kind beats that you’d associate with the movies, and was a pleasure to read.

The art of this book is also exceptional, and while it’s not my usual favoured style, Robinson and Santaolalla do their jobs extremely well. It manages to convey the motion and excitement of the characters, even when not much is happening physically. The character design is also spot-on, as you can tell clearly who’s who, giving the overall aesthetic a really pleasing mix of the familiar and new.

Overall, this manages to be an absolutely essential purchase for Back to the Future fans while still providing an interesting story for casual readers.

Rating: 4/5.

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13012810_10209079779014221_9172740812625086955_nThe writer of this piece was: David Gladman
David Tweets from @the_gladrags

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