Review – Call of Duty: Zombies #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Justin Jordan
Artist: Jonathan Wayshak
Colours: Lovern Kindzierski
Release Date: 11th January, 2017

Call of Duty has become a staple for gamers who favour first-person shooters over EA Sports FIFA XXX, and this ongoing love affair was only strengthened when the creators decided to add a new side game, aptly named “Zombies”. This mode sees you and your team fend off wave after wave of zombies, and has entertained the masses for countless hours.

Since its inception, there have been hints of a meta story being weaved into this mode, with players being forced to complete unknown tasks to be drip fed this integral tale.  This has, over the years, grown to become the focal point of many Call of Duty games, with many players opting to dismiss playing the actual story mode in favour of finding out more about this tale of woe. And, it would appear that Dark Horse Comics have been given the task of furthering this story in the realm of comic books.

This latest issue sees our protagonists jumping out of a portal into a deserted factory of some type. Panic quickly ensues when our team find themselves locked within this room with a portal full of bloodthirsty zombies on their tails. This story appears to revolve around Russman, a blithering old timer who appears to be keeping his past secret. The team then discover that this is no normal factory, but instead a black site research facility, where the government was conducting secret experiments. This in turn starts to shed some light on our apparently amnesic Russman, and his sordid past.

When I picked up this issue I was initially concerned about just how much freedom Justin Jordan would be given, and how directly this would tie in with the games.  This concern rapidly faded however when I discovered that the story was quite short and, well, not very much happens.

Much like the game itself, I quickly became disinterested. With minimal character development within the twenty-odd pages, I found that I wasn’t really all that bothered if the protagonists all became the zombies next course on the all-you-can-eat buffet.  In all honesty, this feels like little more than a means for Activision and Dark Horse to capitalise on the Call of Duty brand.  It all felt a little gimmicky, which saddens me as I felt that Jonathan Wayshak’s characters looked great and the linework was the only thing that kept me flipping the pages.  His artwork married well with Kindzierski’s use of darker shades to perfectly set a sinister scene that wouldn’t be out of place in an Aliens film.

Overall, a little disappointing for newcomers or lapsed fans of the game, but I’d wager that this would be a bit of a ‘must have’ for any hardcore Call of Duty fan.

Rating: 2.5/5.

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The writer of this piece was: Chris Jobson

1 Comment on Review – Call of Duty: Zombies #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

  1. Wow, this review was really insulting to me. The game mode itself has become rich in both storyline and character development. Somebody who has actually played the game mode should’ve written this review, you clearly have no idea of the stuff you’re talking about.

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