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So over here at BCP towers, we’re all a-flutter with the advent of Justice League Dark. This, coupled with the plethora of classic DC animated on Amazon TV, led to an instructive family movie night at the Gravens. Wonder Woman was a big hit with Mrs Graven’s brother and partner, to their surprise – and it got me thinking: what DC animated features do you really rate?

Mask of the Phantasm for me really pushes that classic dark Batman: The Animated Series  vibe, and for something more recent, Assault on Arkham (supervillain sexytime notwithstanding) was a great Suicide Squad movie. The futuristic stylings of Return of the Joker are still outstanding, and I’d love to see them do Batman Inc, or indeed any Damian Wayne generally.

Here’s some other views from the team:

Chris J – “I really liked Batman: Year One. I was reading the graphic novel at the time so was nice to see that it stuck so close to the source material.”

Laurence – “Mask of the Phantasm! The series was dark already and to see it take on a movie-esque darker tone was a huge achievement for DC Animation. Assault on Arkham is everything Suicide Squad should have been from the grounded action to going after someone crazier than themselves e.g. the Joker. Flashpoint Paradox I love because it’s as close as you could go to the existing storyline without making a shot-for-shot adaptation, (which I admittedly would have been fine with). Plus I’m a super Flash nerd.”

Alan – “Phantasm for me, but I really liked Flashpoint Paradox and assault on arkham. Would love to see them revisit some elseworlds stuff fromm the 90s. Da Vinci Batman etc. Rotworld saga.”

Ceej – I rather enjoyed the Dark Knight Returns animated movie(s). And Phantasm, obviously. I’ll also echo the  thought that Rotworld would be quality, but they’d probably find a way to shoehorn endless Batman cameos into it somehow.”

Andrew – “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies & Apocalypse (it’s one of my favourite graphic novels too).”

So Mask of the Phantasm is the clear bcp top pick. Do you agree with the team? What characters/ storylines do you think they should be doing? Let us know!


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