Review – Blood & Gourd #2 (Dead Peasant)


Publisher: Dead Peasant Comics
Writers(s): Jenz K. Lund, D.H. Shultis
Artist: Juan Ramirez
Release Date: February 1st, 2017

Dead Peasant Comics’ Blood and Gourd #1, from creators Jenz K. Lund and DH Shultis, ushered in the series bloody spectacularly (quite literally). Gore-filled mayhem with its heart rooted in ‘80s horror aesthetic, the premier issue was a hilariously demented tale of human-hungry pumpkins, homicidal plant entities and corporate cults unleashing hell upon a farm’s annual pumpkin fare. The energy was high, the chaos was unhinged and, like a big glass of pumpkin juice, it went down a treat with horror aficionados who like their scare fare to boast as much heart as it does ultra-violence. As you might expect based on the above, Blood and Gourd #2 was highly anticipated for many of us, and now that it has finally arrived I’m pleased to confirm that it picks right up where the last instalment left off.

In this issue, a demon is unleashed to hunt down the remaining survivors – in addition to the hordes of other terrors already seeking their mortality – and it’s up to those who remain to band together and escape the farm. But, as is often the case in tales such as this, escaping with lives intact is an arduous task. Naturally chaos ensues, and we start to learn some of the answers to the questions posed in part one.

Blood and Gourd #2 retains what was so fantastic about the introductory issue, continuing the story in a way that’s both entertaining and satisfying. As the old saying goes, it does exactly what it says on the tin. However, what’s most impressive is that Lund and Shultis have taken an idea that wouldn’t feel out of place in a Troma film and created a universe that’s deep in mythology and boasting plenty of originality, all while retaining the spirit of EC Comics and ‘80s B movies which only adds to the series’ charm. It harkens back to yesteryear, but it’s also one of the most original horror sagas going currently; all in all, a perfect blend of retro sensibilities and contemporary revitalisation.

For this issue, Marvel’s Juanan Ramirez replaces Dave Acosta on main art duties and succeeds triumphantly. Acosta is a talented fella in his own right, and his work was one of the appealing factors of the series initially, but here Ramirez shows why he’s one of the rising talents in the biz’ whose contributions can be found in the titles of industry behemoths these days.

Overall, Blood and Gourd is an essential pick-up if you’re a blood buff. It makes for perfect Halloween season reading, but even in February, it’s still an absolute riot.

Rating: 4.5/5.

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Blood & Gourd is available now from Comixology and, and you can follow the creators on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, if you have a couple of spare minutes, you should definitely check out the official “Hail, Blood & Gourd” theme song below.

The writer of this piece was: Kieran Fisher
Kieran Tweets from @HairEverywhere_.

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