Dan Slott and Jae Lee headline early LSCC 2017 guest announcements

The first two waves of guests have been announced for this year’s London Super Comic Con, with Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer writer Dan Slott and Eisner Award-winning artist Jae Lee headlining the list.

This year will see the convention being spread across three days for the first time ever, being held at a new venue in the centre of London – the Business Design Centre in Islington – from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th August.

With a scaled-down approach in terms of the venue capacity (less tickets will be sold for the three days this year than for the two days previously), this promises to be a slightly more intimate affair than in previous years, something LSCC has already taken great pride in in the past, creating a fan-friendly environment at odds with the larger, more “corporate”-feeling conventions.  And, while there have certainly been some misgivings and criticism leveled at the change of venue and date, the list of creators announced so far – which you can see below in all its glory – is certainly encouraging, to say the least.

Tickets are on sale now (CLICK HERE), and you can be sure that Team BCP will be in attendance on all three days to provide you with all the coverage you ever could hope for.  In the meantime, you should definitely keep your eyes glued to the Big Comic Page, and to the official LSCC site, for more guest announcements between now and August.

Full Guest List so far

Dan Slott

Jae Lee

Simone Bianchi

Erica Schultz

Guillem March

Gary Erskine

John Watson

Michael Dialynas

David Roach

Rachael Stott

Marc Laming

David Hine

Chris Weston

Alison Sampson

Francesco Barbieri

Cam Smith

Nikos Koutsis

Anthony D Lee

Sabine Rich

Marco Santucci

Dani Strips


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