Milligan and Fowler bring KID LOBOTOMY to Shelly Bond’s Black Crown imprint 

Fresh from Wondercon, IDW Publishing have revealed details of the first creator-owned title to be attached to their Shelly Bond-led “Black Crown” imprint.

Kid Lobotomy will see Bond reunited with Vertigo mainstay Peter Milligan and talented artist Tess Fowler in a move that solidifies Bond’s previously announced intention of pairing younger creators with more established ones on Black Crown books.

Here’s the official IDW blurb:

Kid, as he’s affectionately referred to, is the youngest descendent of a strange, overbearing hotelier. While he sports rock star good looks, Kid Lobotomy has more in common with Hannibal than Morrissey in his prime. Unsuspecting hotel guests who check in to “The Suites” are in danger of losing more than their luggage. Living up to his name, Kid has shed a few brain cells in his day, which naturally makes him qualified to perform a lobotomy or two. And why let those brain bits go to waste when he can use them to help—or unwittingly harm—his subjects? Ultimately, Kid hopes to restore some of his sanity. But can he survive the truth about his cursed lineage and face what runs rampant throughout the torturous hotel hallways? Simply put, you’ve never read anything like this.

Speaking with Paste Magazine about the title, Bond said: “It has it all. From the rush you get from saying the title to its unconventional premise and exuberant art, Kid Lobotomy sets the tone for every Black Crown comic that follows.”

You can read the interview in its entirety by  CLICKING HERE.

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