10 Comics You Really Need to Check Out on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

It’s almost upon us, folks.  That magical day in May when your local comic shop becomes a glorious paradise filled with life, energy and – of course – FREE COMICS!

Tomorrow, over 2,300 comic shops around the world will participate in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, giving away free comics from pretty much every major publisher in the industry today, jam-packed with teasers, new stories and classic tales.

But when faced with a fairly intimidating rack of colourful goodies, what do you go for first?  Clearing the entire rack into a binbag and making a break for it is usually considered ‘bad form’, so to narrow down your choices, we’ve combed through the forty-plus comics available to give you our top ten picks, including – we hope – something to satisfy every comic reader’s tastes.

I Hate Image (Image Comics)

Writer/Artist: Skottie Young

This is probably the one we’re most excited about to be honest, and features Skottie Young’s gloriously outrageous creation Gertrude seemingly finding a way out of Fairyland once and for all, only to stumble in the world of Image Comics, where she’ll have to chop her way through characters from Saga, The Walking Dead, Black Science, Southern Bastards and more!  [MATURE]

Rick & Morty (Oni Press)

Writer(s): Zac Gorman, Tini Howard

Artist(s): CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill, Marc Ellerby, Katy Farina

Everyone loves Rick & Morty, right?  And hell, even if you haven’t experienced the comic book version of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s animated smash hit, this issue – featuring the story that started it all, “The Wubba Lubba Dub Dub of Wall Street”, is exactly what you need.  Oh, and there’s a preview of the upcoming “Pocket Like You Stole” it miniseries thrown in for good measure. [TEEN]

TMNT Prelude to Dimension X (IDW Publishing)

Writer: Tom Waltz

Artist: Cory Smith

We’re huge fans of IDW’s ongoing TMNT series here at the Big Comic Page, so the opportunity to get a little sneak peek at this Summer’s five-part “Dimension X” crossover – which sees Krang exacting his revenge on our brothers for his emphatic defeat – is simply too good to miss. [ALL AGES]

Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Writer: Greg Rucka

Artist: Nicola Scott

If by any chance you missed DC’s post-Rebirth Wonder Woman series, this this offering – featuring the start of Rucka and Scott’s “Year One” arc – is pretty much essential reading, especially with the eagerly-anticipated Warner Bros movie right around the corner. [TEEN]

2000AD Special (2000AD)

Writer(s): Matt Smith, Pat Mills, Guy Adams, Dan Abnett, Kek-W

Artist(s): Phil Winslade, Kei Zama, Jimmy Broxton, Dave Kendall

With the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year, it’s only right that it unleashes a massive, 32-page special as part of Free Comic Book Day.  Featuring a fantastic taster of some of the great stories available in the weekly Progs – including Matt Smith and Phil Winslade’s Judge Dredd: Forty Years of Hurt, Dan Abnett and DaNi’s Judge Anderson story Hag Team, and much, much more. [TEEN]

BOOM! Studios Summer Blast (BOOM! Studios)

Writer(s): David Petersen, Sam Sykes, Liz Prince

Artist(s): David Petersen, Selina Espiritu, Amanda Kirk

BOOM! Studios continues to set the benchmark for all-ages comics, and this teaser – featuring stories of mice, monsters and supernatural punk bands – is guaranteed to raise a smile.  Don’t get us wrong though, while Brave Chef Brianna and Coady & The Creepies are definitely a lot of fun, we’re really going to be picking this one up for the original Mouse Guard short story from David Petersen.  More Mouse Guards is always a good thing, folks [ALL AGES]

Attack on Titan (Kodansha Comics)

Writer: Jody Houser

Artist: Emi Lenox

While a lot of Free Comic Book Day offerings provide reprints of existing material to try and appeal to new readers, Kodansha are doing it a little differently, with Faith’s Jody Houser and Plutona’s Emi Lenox teaming up for a brand new never-seen-before Attack on Titan story!  Yes please! [TEEN]

The Ballad of Franlkin Bonisteel (Z2 Comics)

Writer: Gabe Soria

Artist: Warren Pleece

Z2 Comics is a publisher that really deserves a lot more attention, and this offering – serving as a prequel of sorts of their upcoming series Murder Ballads – fells the story of a legendary record produces and his misadventures in L.A.  Oh, and for the musically inclined, the issue will also include an original song by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. [TEEN]

Riverdale (Archie Comics)

Writer(s): Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Brian E. Paterson, James DeWille

Artist(s): Elliot Fernandez, Thomas Pitilli

If you’re a fan of CW’s Riverdale TV series, this is pretty much an essential pickup, serving as a prelude to the events of the show and giving us a little added insight into Archie’s summer job – including a fateful encounter with music teacher Ms. Grundy – and Veronica’s mysterious life in New York. [TEEN]

Doctor Who (Titan Comics)

Writer: Alex Paknadel

Artist: Mariano Laclaustra

Another publisher adopting the “all new” approach is Titan Comics, whose FCBD offering sees us taking a spin through the past, present and future of the Doctor Who universe, providing all manner of tantalising teases and eyebrow-raising clues about what to expect from the year ahead for all of the Who books. Definitely an essential pickup for any and all Whovians out there.  [ALL AGES]

So there you have it.  But bear in mind, this is just ten of the forty-plus comics that will be available at your Local Comic Shop tomorrow (click here for the full list).  And if you’re not sure where your closest participating store is, simply CLICK HERE to find out.

Oh, and if you still need convincing, here’s Wil Wheaton with an important message:

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2 Comments on 10 Comics You Really Need to Check Out on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY

  1. I am sponsoring a Free Comic Book Day at my library tomorrow! I will read WW, Secret Empire & I Hate Image.

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