Looking ahead to Glasgow Comic Con 2017 – The Guests

With another year passing, it’s almost time for another Glasgow Comic Con!

Holding the title of Scotland’s first and only “comics only” convention, in a sea of events that are frequently becoming more and more swamped by TV and film stars, GCC champions the comics genre still. The convention will be held for its second year in The Royal Concert Hall in the center of Glasgow.

This year also signals the start of a fresh page, with Convention Organiser/Owner/Big Papa Sha Nazir handing over the reigns to the one and only Nicola Love! A familiar face in the Glasgow comics scene, we’re confident that the event is in very safe hands!

This past week has seen even more guests added to the already impressive line-up, so six just over six(!) weeks to go, we’re here to give you a rundown of who’s who and what’s what. We’ll even throw in a few recommendations to get you started before July 1st!

Marguerite Sauvage


Best known for her work on “DC Bombshells” (Written by Marguerite Bennett, who was a guest last year!) and on “Faith”, Sauvage is the first International guest announced for GCC this year. With a beautiful style of work, that treads the line between modern European and traditional American, she is sure to be a big hit at this years convention!

You should read: DC Bombshells Vol. 1 & Faith Vol.1

Kieron Gillen


Beginning his career as a Video Games and Music Journalist, Gillen made to move into comic books with his first “big” title “Phonogram” for Image Comics with long time collaborator Jamie McKelvie. Best known for his independent series’ Phonogram and The Wicked + The Divine, Gillen has also written the likes of Uncanny X-men, Iron Man, and Darth Vader for Marvel. However, arguably his greatest known work was done during his stint on  on Thor, Journey Into Mystery, and Young Avengers, where he revitalised the characters, creating a cult hit in he process.

You should read: Phonogram Vol. 2, The Wicked and The Divine Book 1, Young Avengers Vol. 1, Darth Vader Vol. 1

Jamie McKelvie


Perhaps best known as a long-time collaborator of Kieron Gillen on books such as Young Avengers and creator owned titles such as Phonogram and The Wicked and The Devine, McKelvie is a respected artist in his own right, known for his distinctive style, and for designing artwork for the band CHVRCHES. Stylistically very clean, his redesign of the Loki character has been a fan favourite since the release of Young Avengers, as well as his character design for the character Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers version) which took the character in a whole new direction.

You should read: Phonogram Vol. 2, Young Avengers (all of it)

Frank Quitely


Now in his second year as Patron of GCC, Quitely is widely regarded as one of Scotland best exports (alongside Irn Bru). From All-Star Superman and Batman & Robin at DC, to Flex Mentallo, We3 and Sandman at Vertigo – not to mention Jupiter’s Legacy at Image Comics – you’d be hard pressed not to find a piece of his work you’re not in love with. Frank also currently has an exhibition in Kelvingrove Art Gallery in the west end of Glasgow. One of the most iconic artists in the industry today, this is the perfect opportunity to meet the man himself!

You should read: We3, All Star Superman, Flex Mentallo

Elsa Charretier


Hailing from France, Elsa is reasonably new on the comics scene, but has definitely come out of the blocks swinging. With an art style reminiscent of Darwyn Cooke and Moebius, her simple lines and bold characters have been a massive hit on such books as Infinite Loop and Unstoppable Wasp. This will be Elsa’s first time at a Scottish convention, this might be a great time in her career to meet her, as this could very well be her year!

You should read: The Infinite Loop

Pierrick Colinet


“Also French”, Pierrick is known in France for such books as The Guardian of the Republic and Aeternum Vale, where he cut his teeth. More recently he was the writer on The Infinite Loop, with Elsa Charretier.

You should read: The Infinite Loop

Amy Reeder


First discovered through Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga Competition, Amy  took her distinctive style and applied it all across the industry in such titles as Batwoman for DC.  She also created Rocket Girl (with Brandon Montclare) at Image Comics, and enjoyed a long stint on Madame Xanadu for Vertigo. Reeder’s approach to characterisation manages to sit just on the Western style of manga, and it’s very easy to see from her work why she is a fan favourite!

You should read: Rocket Girl, Madame Xanadu


To continue their 40th Anniversary celebrations, 2000AD will be bringing their celebrations north of the border with their own contingent of guests! It will be the first time for the company to appear in an official capacity at GCC, and they’ve pulled out all the stops!

Pat Mills
Writer /
Creator of  2000AD


For many, Pat will need no introduction as the creator of such characters as Slaine, ABC Warriors, and Charley’s War.  He was also extremely influential in the development of Judge Dredd. Widely regarded as the Godfather of British Comics, there’s not too many British creators in the industry today that don’t owe something of their success, at least in part, to Mr Mills. In 2017, Pat also wrote the book Serial Killer, with long-time collaborator Kevin O’Neill.

John Wagner


John is probably best known for his 2000ad work. Maybe you’ve heard of Judge Dredd? Not a big deal or anything, John just created him. The sheer list of work that Wagner has either written, created, or heavily influenced is far too long to list here, so lets just say you should probably trust when it comes to emphasising just how important he was (and still is!) to the rise and success of the British Comics Industry. Most recently John wrote Rok of The Reds with Alan Grant, which is published by Scotland’s very own BHP Comics.

Frazer Irving


Known in 2000AD circles for Necrocauts, Frazer has also worked on such books as Batman & Robin, and Annihilator, both alongside Grant Morrison.  Irving has also worked on the second iteration of the series Xombi, and a mini-series for Marvel Comics’ Silent War, with writer David Hine. Frazer’s style is horrifically beautiful, with bright, bursting colours and a flair for the menacing. Always one for an interesting story, you’ll definitely need to make time to stop by for a chat with the man himself!

You should read: Batman & Robin Vol. 3 (Batman must Die), Necronauts TP, Xombi Vol 2

Laurence Campbell


From 2005, Laurence has been working for Marvel comics; most notably on Punisher Max and fan favourite Deadpool Pulp. Bringing his striking and bold artwork that was first introduced to the public in such 2000AD titles as Judge Dredd alongside fellow GCC guest John Wagner. He also had a very critically well received run on B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth with masters of the genre Mike Mignola and Scott Allie. If you want dark and heavy black inking with a flair for the violent, Laurence is your guy.

You should read: Deadpool Pulp, BPRD Hell on Earth: End of Days, Sledgehammer ’44

Al Ewing


I’m not sure if I’m meant to show any sort of favoritism with these things, but honestly, Al Ewing is one of my most favourite people on the planet. Having written such well-received Marvel books as Loki: Agent of Asgard, The Ultimates, and US Avengers, it’s easy to see why he’s a real favourite. Cutting his teeth on Futureshock titles, Al eventually got called up to 2000AD writing Judge Dredd story “Doctor What?”, which also marked Brendan McCarthy’s return to the title.

You should read: Loki: Agent of Asgard, US Avengers (Then come to the book group!)

Tom Foster


After coming second two years in a row, Tom Foster won 2000AD’s Talent Competition in 2013. Based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, Tom has now worked on such titles as Judge Dredd, Storm Warning, and Sinister Dexter.

You should read: Storm Warning.

So there you have it.  An impressive bunch I’m sure you’ll agree, and definitely something to appeal to all types of comic fan.

This year’s Glasgow Comic Con will take place on the 1st of July at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow’s city centre, and you can find out more about the event – and buy tickets for just £7 per adult (£5 for under 12’s) – on the official Glasgow Comic Con website.

We’ll see you there!

chrThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
You can also find Chris on Twitter.

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