Review – Predator: Hunters #2 (of 5) (Dark Horse Comics)

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Chris Warner
Artist: Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Release Date: 7th June 2017

Dark Horse’s series of comics that spun out of the classic Schwarzenegger original were a staple of my childhood that, along with their ALIENS and TERMINATOR series, really helped put the company on the map. They were stories which expanded the mythos and backstory brilliantly; so well in fact that Warner’s first series was loosely adapted for the first official big screen sequel.

After a blinding first issue that returned Dark Horse’s long-running series to its classic jungle-bound roots, this second instalment continues to set the set the stage as our rag-tag team of returning characters and newly introduced badasses finish their preparations to take the fight to our eponymous light-bending alien on its home turf of a small island off the coast of New Zealand.

No-one has a better handle on just what makes the series tick than original creator Warner. His firm grasp of the creature’s code of honour and brutal efficiency, allied to artist Francisco Velasco’s crisp, muscular art does a great job of capturing the Predator in all its monstrous, spine-ripping glory.

Together they utilise every trick in the book to make our alien antagonist a creature to once again be truly feared. From its lithe movement, voice-mimicry and reliance on old-fashioned hunting techniques – we have yet to see the famed shoulder-mounted plasma cannon – they make this particular creature a scary proposition for even the most able of hunters.

This is a series that will appeal to old-skool fans and newbies alike, with smart characterisation, likeable heroes and a truly frightening antagonist. After the last few rather lukewarm big-screen outings that turned the creature into a PG anti-hero, it’s refreshing to see a series not afraid to return to the gruesome heights of the original film.

Rating: 4/5.

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downsThe writer of this piece was: Chris Downs
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