Geeking Out – Token Gestures

As you may have noticed, we’re doing a bit of a giveaway this month at Geeking Out.

So to help whet your appetite for that, we’re taking a look at some of the goodies you can get yourself, starting with Red Beam Designs’ impressive range of tokens for The Walking Dead: All Out War – a starter token set for which you can score yourself in glorious, goriest orange!

The tokens are in the excellent thick acrylic you’d expect from Red Beam, and definitely enhance the play experience.

I like having tokens for being prone. Call me fussy, but I just don’t like putting models on their sides. Also, if – Shock Horror – you were using alternate metal figures from another supplier (as a custom character, of course…) then you definitely don’t want to risk chipping the paint.

The rulers are nifty, allowing precise measurements with being cut to base size and skinny profile.

There is also a more conventional ruler however:

And they have started to do one with half-circles cut into the body of the ruler also.

In addition, they’ve put together a rather nice play tray for organising your cards, available in MDF or acrylic.

A caveat here: if, like me, you’ve sleeved your cards in UltraPro mini sleeves (beloved of Xwing players), they are fractionally longer than the spaces, as you can see from the pic. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – makes them very easy to pick up if you need to discard/use an item – but won’t be to everyone’s taste.

And what would Walking Dead be without a killzone, I ask you?

One arm short of a Zombie, that’s what.

I love this variant killzone token, really “handy” (sorrynotsorry), and there is a ruler with base cutout variant also.

So there you go, affordable, stylish extras that are well worth a look (and while you’re over at, check out some of their excellent suburban terrain also).

And don’t forget, you can enter Graven’s Great Geeky Giveaway until the end of August just by liking, sharing and commenting on all out Geeking Out posts for the month (CLICK HERE for full details of all the prizes you can win).

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6 Comments on Geeking Out – Token Gestures

  1. Red Beam Designs // August 13, 2017 at 9:57 pm // Reply

    You need to get the paper peeled off all that stuff Mr Graven, tut tut tut :-)

  2. I really need to get more games of this in. I really like the zombie arm kill zone marker as it’ll be really useful given all the nice terrain out there. I’ll refrain from making a pun about it though as between the article and comments from the likes of Ron, it’d be a real stretch to write anything even remotely amusing…

  3. The kill zone market is great. And another great review by Mr Graven should certainly increase its reach within the player community.

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