Sony Confirms Release date for SILVER AND BLACK Spider-Man Spinoff Movie

Sony continues to build out their “Spider-Man” spin-off universe announcing a release date for Gina Prince-Bythewood’s all-female led movie “Silver and Black” on Feb. 8, 2019.

In the comics, Silver Sable is the leader of the mercenary group Wild Pack that hunts war criminals. Black Cat is a burglar named Felicia Hardy. Both characters have been allies to Spider-Man at one point and time, but more often than not find themselves at odds with the Wall Crawler.

Despite using iconic characters from the “Spider-Man” mythology, Sony’s spin-off universe will NOT crossover with either Marvel’s “Spider-Man” universe starring Tom Holland or the upcoming animated “Spider-Man” movie.

This Sony’s second film centered around “Spider-Man” villains. The first being the Tom Hardy-led “Venom” set to open on Oct. 5, 2018.

“Rouge One: A Star Wars Story” actor Riz Ahmed is in talks to join “Venom.” There hasn’t been an announcement as to which character Ahmed will play, but there are rumors saying his character will also crossover into “Silver and Black.”

Given Sony’s history with both characters Venom (Topher Grace) in “Spider-Man 3” and Felicia Hardy (Felicity Jones) in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, do you thing “Venom” and “Silver and Black” can function without Holland’s Spider-Man? Tell us in the comments below.

Lawr_avThe writer of this piece is: Laurence Almalvez
Laurence tweets from @IL1511

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  1. Excited for this one!

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