Ceej Says… FLD review

Publisher: Castle Rock Comics
Writer/Artist: Bob Turner
Release Date: 23rd September 2017 (Thought Bubble)

FLD (Flood) is the latest offering from BCP favourite Bob Turner, whose stylised, word-free creations have been captivating us for years, and it goes on sale at next week’s Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds.

This brand new story serves as a prequel for Bob’s critically-acclaimed DTHRTL series, and features features the same protagonist dealing with a sudden violent downpour, converting his house into a boat and setting sail for dry land.  As you do.  There are nods to classic flood tales like Noah’s ark along the way, and the whole story wraps up beautifully, coming full circle within the confines of these 24 full colour pages.


As with Turner’s previous offerings, the beauty is in the detail, with subtle visual notes helping to tell the story in lieu of unnecessary dialogue or narration.  The gradually rising water level adds a sense of urgency to the early pages, and some wonderfully structured layouts do a brilliant job of showing the passage of time as our protagonist patients waits for news of land later in the book.

The colours are rich and vibrant, and really help to emphasise the emotions and impact of the story.  Turner’s art deco layouts and inventive character designs really benefit from the splashes of colour, and while there’s definitely a minimalist approach to some of the mainly white pages, that only serves to emphasise what colour there is.

A masterclass in stripped-down, ultra-efficient storytelling, FLD is an intriguing look at one man’s resilience when faced by the cruelty of mother nature, and should have near-universal appeal by virtue of its wordless approach.  And, while there’s a distinct possibility that the minimalist, dialogue-free style could potentially alienate more ‘traditional’ readers, I honestly can’t get enough of Bob Turner’s unique approach to the world of comic book storytelling.

FLD will be available from Bob at next weekend’s Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds, and if you can’t make it, it’ll be on the Castle Rock Comics online store soon after.

ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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