Review – The Dresden Files Omnibus Volume 2 (Dynamite)

Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Authors: Jim Butcher and Mark Powers
Artists: Joseph Cooper, Carlos Gomez, Mohan, Bill Tortolini
Release Date: 4th October 2017

Where to start with a character like Harry Dresden? He’s a wise cracking gumshoe with a twist – he’s also Chicago’s only professional wizard, defending us normies from beasts of the other realm. For years now the Dresden Files novels have been a collection of the different scrapes and adventures this hard-nosed and unlucky magical detective has gotten himself into, a collection which I’ve been an avid fan of since the first novel Storm Front was released in 2000.

As with any adaptation I was slightly hesitant to pick up the graphic novel for the first time, but with the original author Jim Butcher working alongside new addition Mark Powers, it’s clear that these comics are in good hands.

The thing about Dresden and the world he lives in is that it can accommodate just about any crazy adventure or mystery you can think of.  You can definitely see this in the three stories collected in this omnibus. The first, “Ghoul Goblin”, is a tale of a younger Harry doing what he does best, solving mysteries and protecting the innocent. Two family members have died under mysterious circumstances and Harry is called to the small town to figure out just what is going on. Before long, he uncovers a curse that has plagued the family for generations and now has slowly turned into a blood sport between two sadistic nasties from the other world.

The second tale, “War Cry” couldn’t be different, throwing Harry and a band of under-trained misfits into a war zone reminiscent of assault on precinct 13. However, rather than cops and robbers, it features another skirmish in the war between vampires and wizards. Finally, it’s back to his usual stomping ground Chicago, where Harry attempts to solve a murder mystery with his young apprentice.  The only problem is that he’s at odds with the local mob-boss-turned-supernatural-leader of a protection racket, and now Harry has to bring the killer to justice before Marcone inflicts his own form of street justice, not caring about anyone who stands in his way.

Joseph Cooper and Carlos Gomez paint a world which perfectly matches that of Harry’s. Dark, cutting tones with all the right gore and humorous smiles that the story throws at the reader. Cooper and Gomez to me are mind-readers of sorts, taking the same characters I pictured in my head and drawing them on the page in action stills to match a summer blockbuster. They lead on naturally from one another, each providing their own spin own spin on the source material.

Overall its Harry Potter for adults mixed with the Untouchables and Blade.  A fantastic addition to the Dresden Files canon, and an enjoyable read for any crime fantasy fans.

Rating: 5/5.

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The writer of this piece was: Indiana “Indy” Marlow
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