Ceej Says… Lizard Men #1 review (Comichaus)

Publisher: Comichaus
Writer: Steven Horry
Artwork: Catia Fantini
Colours: Chiara Bonacini
Letters: Ken Reynolds
On Sale:  Kickstarter campaign is running until November 29th (CLICK HERE)

Dylan Zamani is your typical washed-up ex-rock star. He has an ego as huge as his former drug habit, a list of past indiscretions a mile long, and, you might expect, a legion of devoted fans who still hang on his every word.

Oh, and he’s also the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

It’s particularly telling that writer Steven Horry doesn’t bother devoting any time towards explaining just how Dylan ended up being Prime Minister in the first place. Given the current state of world politics, a pop star becoming Prime Minister is barely even likely to raise an eyebrow, and so whereas in years past the shocking nature of this event would become the story in itself, here it just serves as a gateway to the bigger picture – and what a picture it is.

Zamani is a charismatic lead, more likeable than he perhaps has any right to be and packed with the kind of dry humour and eccentric bravado that frequently goes hand-in-hand with aging rock stars. However, as oblivious as he may be to the inner workings of running a country (“I get an office?!”), he quickly realises just how out of his depth he really is when the shape-shifting lizard people who actually run things show up.


It’s a strong first issue, laying out the basic premise of the series smoothly and succinctly, and doing a great job of introducing us to Zamani and his somewhat unusual situation. There are also tinges of horror mixed in alongside the unmistakably British sense of humour, and it’s going to be interesting to see which tone the creators lean into more as the story unfolds.

Visually, the artistic partnership of Catia Fantini and Chiara Bonacini work together seamlessly to give the book a clean, slick and professional aesthetic. The character design for Dylan is truly great, particularly during the early flashback to one of his more inauspicious moments, and the pair do a great job of cutting loose later in the issue once the supernatural horror-esque aspects of the story come to the fore.

It’s a fantastic elevator pitch of a first issue which introduces us to the oddly likeable Zamani and the weird, supernatural conspiracy he seems to have stumbled headlong into. However, with five more issues still to come, it’s going to be interesting to see if the creators can keep this early momentum going once the novelty of the premise wears off and the actual story has to be told.  That said, based on the strength of this opening chapter, I have no reason to think this is going to be anything less than one hell of an entertaining ride.

Rating: 4/5.

A campaign to fund the release of Lizard Men #1 is currently running on Kickstarter (CLICK HERE) until the 29th of November.

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