Stefan Kapičić Talks About Deadpool and the Upcoming Sequel

Stefan Kapičić is a German-born Serbian actor who is best known for his role as Colossus in Deadpool. Having starred in over 80 different TV shows, films and theatre performances, Deadpool was Kapičić’s big break into the worldwide scene. Being a massive comic book fan himself, his excitement at being able to play Colossus and having the chance to be a part of the Deadpool franchise is easy to see.  At MCM London, Stefan talked about his love of comics and of the Deadpool films.

I’m a comic book geek and fan, so getting the role of Colossus is the Academy Award for my inner child. I’m so happy that I have this chance and opportunity because I’m Slavic, and there are not many superheroes from that part of the world.’

Being transformed into Colossus is a tough process due to the amount of CGI the character needs, and Stefan went on to explain a bit more about the process to us.

‘For the first part I was doing the facial expressions and the voice, which Tim Miller found perfect for his vision of Colossus. I’m not used to doing ADR work, so I had to go through all the scenes. I’m lucky I had the chance, and the chance to work with Ryan Reynolds. Ryan is such an amazing actor and colleague, and a huge help for everybody on the set. His ideas and improvisations and everything else are so amazing, and I’m very thankful I had this opportunity.’

Talking about what it was like to work on set with Reynolds, Stefan then recalls some of the best comedic moments they had together on set.

Ryan makes everyone laugh with his improvisations. Lots of lines that you hear in the movie are just made on the set from the moment that he felt it. The Colossus puke scene was funny because Tim Miller had an empathy as he didn’t like to listen to people puking. He was leaving the set because he couldn’t listen to it, so if there was something I wanted to do without him I would make a puking noise and he would go away. Mainly the funny things from the movie are in the movie.

The success and fan reactions to the first film has created huge expectations for the second film. Stefan then went on to talk about how that made him feel and if he thinks the sequel will live up to the hype.

‘I think that every second is worth waiting for. The sequel brings something totally new and different in a positive way. We have a new director, David Leitch, who is an amazing director. I love his movies, especially Atomic Blonde and John Wick. He has brought his own stamp to the film, and you can never compare directors. Both Tim and David are amazing in their own ways.’

‘We also have the additional cast members. Josh Brolin plays the perfect Cable, and Zazie Beetz as Domino, so we have two more amazing characters and Rob Liefeld’s creations. I’m thankful that Rob did all these amazing things connected to Deadpool. This is a new level for Deadpool. You can expect the same kind of thing, but it’s growing, and that’s why it’s going to be a great sequel.’

With Stefan himself being such a huge fan of the comics, he was asked if there were any particular Colossus story-lines that he would like to see.

‘I would love to see Magik with Colossus now that she has been introduced in New Mutants. It is the same timeline as Deadpool, so I’m hoping we will see the brother and sister finally together on the big screen.’

Deadpool being R-Rated opened up new possibilities and avenues for comic book films to go down, and Stefan was asked about how he felt about that.

I don’t think people should just copy Deadpool. This movie didn’t think about the consequences, it was just Deadpool. It’s the same with Logan. Logan wasn’t a copy, it was something that was made like that. If people are thinking of doing an R-Rated movie they should do it, but they need to be honest to the thing they are making and not just think about the box office.’

For comic book fans the prospect of seeing the new characters of Cable and Domino on the big screen for the first time is exciting, and Stefan explained what we can expect to see from them, and why Josh and Zazie are such good fits for the roles.

‘First of all, I think they are amazing actors. X-Force was a brutal special forces team that did a lot of R-rated things. I think Deadpool’s next chronological step is to get involved with Rob Liefeld’s creations. Comic book Cable is extremely big, and it’s hard to find that kind of an actor, but Josh Brolin brings everything with his acting. His face is exactly the kind of Cable I would have liked to see when reading the comics. Zazie is doing amazing action scenes, she’s funny and she’s a beautiful actress. I think Fox made a great call with their casting. X-Force is going to have a franchise of their own, like an R-rated X-Men, and people are going to love it.’

There was a lot of controversy and discussion amongst fans when Zazie was cast as Domino due to the change in her looks from the comics, and Stefan simply had this to say in response:

‘Zazie is the perfect Domino, and people will see that. The changes that the director made, in this case, it was the perfect choice.’

Stefan Kapičić is a big comic book fan and avid reader himself, and he was asked if there are any other comic book characters he would like to film alongside, and what he was currently reading.

‘I would love to work with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but I don’t think he is going to return to that role. Also, I would love to work with Tom Hardy as Venom. Going back to the X-Men, with the New Mutants being in the same timeline roughly as Deadpool, we’ll see what is going to happen. In terms of comics, right now I’ve been reading Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.  It’s amazing and I really recommend it.’

Asked about an older project that Stefan had been in, The Brothers Bloom, Stefan talked fondly about the director Rian Johnson and how he has since moved on to direct Star Wars.

‘Rian Johnson is an amazing director. That film was my first cameo appearance for anything that wasn’t from the ex-Yugoslavia part of the world. That’s a blast from the past thinking about that film. His career is amazing, and he deserves it.’

Colossus has appeared in previous X-Men films and the cartoons, but Stefan adds his own unique touch to the character that is similar to the character in the comics, so he went on to talk a little more about that.

‘It depends on the vision. I’m a comic book geek so I want to see what it was like in the comics, but from and acting and creative perspective, I can understand the visions. The result is how it works on the big screen. Never judge the choices made before you get to see them for yourself.’

With so many comic book films out right now, there is a worry that the genre has reached its saturation point, however there are still plenty of characters and story-lines left. Stefan expressed his opinions on this matter, talking about the world that there is still left that can be explored.

‘I believe there is still a lot left to come. Now we have things like Deadpool, Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m talking about from a Marvel point of view, because as much as I like the DC characters I’m not a big fan of the movies. We will see what happens, as there are so many characters that weren’t that popular that are becoming bigger, such as Guardians of the Galaxy. Deadpool came in as an underdog and killed the Marvel universe in a positive way. I just hope that we will find amazing new stories and push it in a positive way.’

Going back to talking about the sequel, and overall what we can expect, Stefan had this to say:

‘You have two more huge characters, and Deadpool is growing. It’s making the X-Force franchise bigger and bigger, and is introducing these new characters for their own franchise. Deadpool 2 is going to be much bigger in many ways. It’s full of intelligent scenes and an amazing cast, and Ryan brings Deadpool to a whole new level. He is so into that role he almost is Wade Wilson. He’s always trying new lines and new ideas, and it’s beautiful to see someone with so much love for a character nowadays, as that is so rare. The film still has the Deadpool soul, and nobody will be disappointed.’

12342801_1032454986804921_8148860193234525928_nThe writer of this piece was: Louise Saul (aka Tiny Tigress Cosplay)
Louise Tweets from @AikiSaul

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