Geeking Out – 2nd Edition Knight Model Reviews and COMPETITION WINNERS!

Admit it, you’re just here for the prize draw aren’t you? Well, tough, because there’s no Turkey without trimmings, and there’s no Giveaway without gravy… or something like that.

Before we get to the winner announcements, we’re taking a look at a full buffet table of supporting solos and sets for the 2nd edition of Knight Models’ BMG/DCUMG, including January’s new releases (not even counting the resin re-releases of the Trinity, Amazons, Darkseid and Parademons), plus a dashboard of their very own (complete with tokens) to keep everything neat and tidy.

There’s some great new versions of classic characters in 2nd, Nightwing and Batgirl getting new sculpts and rules, as well as a resin reissue of Arkham Red Hood (never mind the new magical characters, reviewed previously), and resin (commercial) re-release of the Ben Affleck Batman, previously only available as a promo. We also get a new set of SWAT with the newly promoted COMMISSIONER Gordon and Ezra Miller’s Flash.

Another Nightwing? Do we need another Nightwing? Well, perhaps not, as the recent Heir to the Cowl AK Nightwing is just so very good. However, there’s no denying this new, standing on a tactical gargoyle, version is a lovely pose. He probably does supersede the original Nightwing, packing more bang for your buck generally. But is he better than Arkham Knight version? 5 points cheaper, trading Heir, agile and Electrical storm for Searcher and Street Guy. It’s a tough one. If you’re stuck for points, then maybe. I’m not sold, mostly because I ❤ electrical storm, but this version is very good for 90 in his own right. However, here tbh my biggest gripe is actually that he’s not a Multiverse mini – still no DCUMG version 😢

Now the new Batgirl is a real gem. The previous version was notoriously back heavy (metal cape), and had complex leg/waist construction – never mind was generally underpowered for cost. New Barbara, however, is tough, and more expensive – but so very worth it for the extra couple of points and $. On the surface of it, it’s not obvious why, but now she packs a punch – a serious punch, in the form of Reinforced Gloves, which means that Combo with Unarmed got a whole lot nastier – and perhaps more importantly, she’s a Free Agent, leaving that Sidekick slot free for one of the big guns (and remember, if you take new or AK Nightwing with his Charismatic, you get an extra free agent slot). And not only that, but she’s amazing for DCU also, with her Genius ability generating an extra Victory Point each turn.

Arkham Red Hood is a recast, rather than a brand new figure with new rules, but it’s worth saying a word about him, and also it’s interesting to see how the plastic-resin compares to metal. The detail is certainly more crisp, which is a good thing for what is otherwise a rather static pose – indeed, I’d not picked this up in metal, but would consider getting this version. He’s blood damage dealing Bat-fam, which is not such a rarity now but a batclaw to boot makes him pretty darn nasty – and never underestimate the utility of Scheming, a real rarity in B&B. On the DCUMG front, he’s a bit more filler, less killer, but good in the slightly awkward 6pt gap that hero teams sometimes have.

Ah, Batfleck, divisive in miniature form as celluloid. Like the 2e starter Bats, this comes in at a neat 125. We’ve seen him before as a promo, but he’s a had second edition.. director’s cut, let’s say. This version is a ComBat (sorry) model, built for melee. He’s not fast, he’s not subtle – this is a Bat that punches you in the face, hard, repeatedly. Straightforward and brutal, he won’t be to everyone’s taste or play style, much like his current cinematic incarnation.  In DCUMG terms, interestingly, he’s a sneaky stealthy Bat, filling the gap in the design space there. In each case, this Bat is almost the opposite of what you expect – kudos to the design team for some great fluff logic there.

In the January release wave, Justice League movie Flash joins the fray. Now honestly, I find the pose here a bit static, even if the sculpt really does capture the look of the guy. Speedsters have a pretty poor reputation in BMG as a bit pillow fisted and something of a points sink, and at a 118 he’s no exception in regard of the latter. However, like the new Batgirl, he’s a Free Agent, so it’s less of a limitation on your team construction. With mixed combat style, and a blood/stun ranged attack, he’s much more of a threat, so may have a place on some teams. It’s a tough call, and really it’s a question of personal play style, but he’ll likely see a bit more table time than Flash has previously. In DCUMG, the new version is more agile, but with lower defences, the trade-off being that he not only has more Stun attacks but also the ability to charge up with extra Stun. Not better, just different, though likewise I suspect he’ll see more play in this version.

Finally, B&B get a new starter in the form of Commissioner Gordon and Swat, with a host of interesting new choices. SWAT are Elite, so to take more than one you need an Elite Boss (so a Gordon or Lt Brandon). It’s slightly complex to run ALL of the swat that exist with Gordon – you need Alfred in there for extra $ – which at first glance annoyed me slightly but actually it’s well done in terms of game balance as Gordon himself is superb. He’s a very cheap leader at 70, allowing you to throw in a big Free Agent (or two) – say, Constantine and Azrael, which with the 3 new swat brings you neatly in at 345/$900, with plenty of cash for more gear and Gordon’s unique access to Heliport (making his Air Support even deadlier). Having Hidden Sniper means he grants you a further unblockable attack – he is pretty devastating, and a potent counter to magic users, with the ability to be picked as a Free Agent also in a team led by Batman. His new SWAT are tough, but more importantly, are fast at M3. Foxtrot is the stand-out with Grenades and Charge making him a lethal support piece for any B&B crew for a pretty reasonable 32/$200.

Villain crew support, on the other hand, comes in the form of a new set of Blackgate prisoners and new resin version of the terminator himself, Deathstroke. We get an interesting alternate version of Killer Croc, too, in the January releases.

The new Blackgate prisoner set brings some generic cheap firepower to every villain team. If I had a criticism, it’s the new version of the High Security prisoner – he’s great, but replaces the old one, which is a shame. Even an errata on the points cost of the old one would have been preferable, but still. The rest of the set is cracking, and allows a lot of customisation to any crew. A great generic set, filling a logical design space. Pair this with the new Bane set, and you’ll really see some action 😉

Now I know I said I wouldn’t discuss the re-cast, but it’s important to remember that in January Sirens get a massive boost in the form of the Amazons – yes, you read that right. Mentioned last month, it’s worth noting that as well as just being a heck of a lot of fun in their own right (and a perfectly valid, balanced, self-contained force outside of tournament play), the Amazons are potent Henchman choices for Poison Ivy, with her ability to enlist from any crew. Let’s not forget she’s got an eye for the ladies too – she’s an equal opportunities Hypnotist 😉

For DCUMG likewise, the Villains haven’t been forgotten in January with the recast Parademons (who gain the new Horde ability, allowing you to field three of each!) led by the all-new, all-mighty Steppenwolf, 17 points of omega death. A sub-faction leader for forces of Apokolips, as well as just a seriously heavy-hitting machine, he fills a glaring gap in the villain arsenal as a counter to Supes et al. Undoubtedly going to the front of my evil armies of conquest!

Killer Croc, meanwhile, is January’s glorious, massive monstrosity. He’s Huge – 60mm base Huge – with multiple options in the build to customise him to your preferred incarnation of Croc. He is crazily expensive in-game for what is a slow, chompy beatstick, but he boasts the highest endurance in-game – taking him out will be nigh-impossible. One word of warning, he’s not available to Bane players. His DCUMG profile looks fairly average but it’s always interesting to have non-speedster Wall Crawlers and he is, again, monumentally tough. To be honest, the biggest selling point for me is the choice of head/tail options, enabling you to make a real centrepiece of this massive model.

The 2nd edition Deathstroke is a recast, like Red Hood, but in this case comes with frankly terrifying twist. This is great because in many ways he’d become almost too prevalent as a top end MVP – though you still can use the old version, this means there’s different options to play with. It’s worth mentioning his utility in DCUMG also, getting better the more he is targeted (and at 9, a steal). The key difference in BMG is the loss of his gun (boooooooo) but therefore no $ cost AND gains hidden sniper – that unblockable attack from off the board that Gordon shares. Quite apart from how Rebirth fluffy that is (admit it, he’d look great in Defiance colours) this is a really strong piece tactically, and crucially a potent alternative, or indeed counter, to all that magic running about the place. So, a great addition to your winning crew!

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If you’ve made it this far (rather than simply scrolling down to the bottom as soon as you clicked the link — shame on you!), then you’ll be itching to find out the winners of our epic New Year Giveaway.

Well, without any further ado, the 1st prize winner, nabbing their first choice of a set of Bane and Riddler starter sets (along with a set of Buildings, a set of objectives, lampposts and sewers, dice, a printed rulebook and a Deathstroke figure) is… Dougal Cochrane!

Our second prize winner, securing themselves a Mr. Freeze and Two Face starter (along with a set of objectives, lampposts and sewers and the Maroni Crime Family starter) is… Richard Beever!

Drop us a line at for details on how to claim your prizes, and remember, you have 30 days to claim!

Until next time, keep your eyes glued to the page for our next giveaway, and, as always… keep Geeking Out!

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