Collins and Brady get TRAPPED! With Their New Dungeon Crawling Comic

Craig Collins and Mark Brady have put together an 8-page preview booklet featuring the first five pages of Trapped!, their brand new collaboration.

Originally, the pair planned to release the preview at Dunfermline Comic Con, which was unfortunately cancelled (damn you, snowpocalypse!), so are making it available on the Trapped! Facebook page or, if you can’t be bothered clicking through (shame on you!) you can check it out below.

We’ve been fans of Collins and his eccentric, zine-style work for quite some time here at the Big Comic Page, and absolutely loved his previous collaboration with Brady on Medieval Times – a series of short, pocket-sized comics, each of which came packaged with a plastic knight figure.

Here’s the official blurb for the series which, to be honest, should be all you really need to start getting excited about it:

Trapped! is a rollicking fantasy adventure story set in the feared Fetid Tomb dungeon following the unlikely alliance between GrotButt, a hapless warrior orc trapped in a job he’s ill-suited to in a workplace fraught with mismanagement and Mathilde, a Germanic warrior who’s raiding the dungeon seeking bloody vengeance on its ruler. In realising he can aid her quest, GrotButt and Mathilde form a fragile partnership to take Fetid Tomb by storm, facing dangerous foes and difficult decisions while learning about each other’s lives and cultures on the way.

More updates, previews and additional material will be made available on the Facebook Page in the coming months, with the ultimate plan being for the story to be released as a single-volume book.


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