Mental Health and Superheroes Collide in The War for Kaleb [KICKSTARTER]

Before I get started, I want to get something off my chest – The War for Kaleb is hands-down one of the best small press comics I’ve read in my five years of comic reviewing. 


And I’ve read a lot of small press comics, people.

The story is based around the title character, Kaleb, who suffers from a pretty serious anxiety disorder.  However, this anxiety manifests itself in the form of two superheroes, one good, one evil, who following him around and serve as a visual and visceral manifestation of his emotional struggles.

Written and drawn by Jason Pittman, it first popped up on my radar back in 2014 when it was called “The Leftovers”, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

It’s also live on Kickstarter right now, with Jason trying to raise funds to publish a collected edition of the entire three-issue series, complete with pinup gallery and behind the scenes material.  With 14 days to go it’s currently around halfway funded, which means you guys really need to consider backing it.

If you need further convincing, you can (and should) check out my reviews of all three issues;

ISSUE #1 – “I’ve read literally hundreds of small press comics, and I honestly can’t remember when one left as powerful an impression on me as this one did.”

ISSUE #2 – “Absolutely essential reading for any fans of sequential storytelling – or of compelling, inventive fiction in general.”

ISSUE #3 – “The War for Kaleb is one of the best small press comics I’ve ever read, and deserves to be seen by as many eyes as possible.”

You can grab yourself a copy of the collected edition by backing, as well as art prints, t-shirts, original artwork from the series and much, much more, so please – if you trust my judgment at all, you should really consider giving this one a look by CLICKING HERE.


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