Hellboy: The Board Game Kickstarter Passes the £1 Million Mark!


£1million is an impressive milestone for a Kickstarter, especially when you consider it’s ten times the original target. And, with the Hellboy: The Board Game Kickstarter having smashed this with just shy of a fortnight to go, I thought it’d be a good time to have a look at what you get for your money.

The answer, it seems, is a ridiculous amount of stuff for £95.


Firstly, there’s the main game in all its glory. From the mind of board-card-mini hybrid genius James M Hewitt (the brains behind the likes of Blood Bowl 2016, Necromunda: Underhive, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, Dreadball and more), this is a 1-4 player quest to unravel a mystery wot man was not meant to know, all the while using your unconventional abilities and gifts to help you. Outfit your BPRD investigator with the right gear for the job, and descend into the heart of darkness! Beautiful hard plastic minis, done so successfully and evocatively for Walking Dead, are the backbone of this, bringing Hellboy, Abe, Liz and Johann to life versus Rasputin, a tentacle monster and a giant frog monster for a range of final Confrontations. Plus, with heavy cardstock board and cards (thanks to the success of the ks campaign) that will make for a really satisfying play experience. Plus, you know, bonus frog minions.


The Conqueror Worm Expansion gives a whole new quest and a whole lot of Nazis to take out, plus the worm itself. With new tiles to explore, new requisitions and encounters, this hugely expands the play experience in the same vein as the initial TWD sets (check out our reviews here).


But if you want to make your own missions, never fear – the B.P.R.D. Archive Expansion is here! 30 new monsters AND a horny Hellboy, making the whole game completely customisable.

Not forgetting it roots, you also get a digital edition of Seed of Destruction graphic novel, and what would a good KS be without exclusives? So, you get a lovely, horny Kickstarter Exclusive Alternate Hellboy.

That still not enough for you? Well then, there’s the stretch goals.

And oh my, what stretch goals they are.

Hecate, Unmensch, Herman von Clempt, and Crieggaffe (all with rules for Confrontation); Ilsa Haupstein and Baba Yaga (with Scenarios); extra scenarios for Rasputin, Tentacle monster, Giant Frog, and Conqueror Worm; 3D tokens for BPRD Information, Right Hand of Doom, Target priority and Fire; extra dice and upgraded tiles and cards; Rookie/Hardcore mode decks; and Agents Trevor Bruckenheim, Roger the Golem and LOBSTER freaking JOHNSON!

Never mind that, there’s even more KS exclusives.

Alternate versions of Trevor Bruckenheim, Hecate, plus Agents Kate Corrigan and Scott Clark, Ragna Rok Rasputin (with scenario), a chimp – Look out, he’s got a gun! – an exclusive Mignola print, and of course, Pancakes hellboy (+card)

You can even expand further with optional Hellboy in Mexico expansion, 3D scenery or even a dice tray as add-ons. So much shiny hellish goodness, it’s quite ridiculous.

[Click to Enlarge, because there’s a LOT of them]

Our advice? Get in on this while you can. Mantic are great at retailer support and, yes, ultimately this will be available through your FLGS (friendly local gaming store). But let’s support this great company, and get lost in Mignola’s sandbox, all the way to hell and back.


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