Deadpool 2 sees the supporting cast stealing the show [REVIEW]

The sequel to 2016’s Deadpool has arrived in the simply-named Deadpool 2, and as the tagline for the film says, this time he’s not coming alone.

The supporting cast alongside Deadpool this time include the highly anticipated appearances of Cable and Domino, whom have never been seen on the big screen before, as well as other X-Force characters and interesting some new additions to the team.

Ryan Reynolds joked in interviews that Deadpool 2 is a family film, and while it’s certainly not your typical family film (and definitely not kid friendly), the core of the story does focus around teenage misfit Russell, played by Hunt for the Wilderpeople’s rising star Julian Dennison. With Cable on the hunt for Russell, we see Deadpool putting together a team to help the troubled teen.

Reynolds is once again perfect as the title character, but it was really his supporting cast that stole the show this time. While there were many choices of who should play Cable, after seeing the film you won’t be able to see anyone but Josh Brolin as the character. Not only do we get to see the tough, no-nonsense side of Cable, we also get some emotion and comedy thrown into the mix too.

Zazie Beetz portrays Domino as she deserves to be seen, a badass fighter with a sprinkle of sass thrown in. Too often in the more recent Marvel comics, Domino has been little more than sexy sidekick to Deadpool, but in this film we get to see the hard-ass side of the character long-time fans are more used to. Her mutant ability is one that is hard to show off on screen, but the way it is presented in the film is perfect.

The rest of the cast sees characters such as Shatterstar, Vanisher, Bedlam, Zeitgeist and Peter joining the crew to form an unusual selection of names for the first appearance of a big screen X-Force. The addition of the hilarious Rob Delaney as the lovable Peter is a genius marketing move, with everyone loving the character before they’d even seen the film.

As well as the cast we know about, there are a few entertaining cameos and surprise characters, and the after-credits scenes are some of the best you’ll ever see. The returning cast do a brilliant job of adding to the story and helping out Wade when he needs it the most.

David Leitch directs the sequel, and after the action-packed John Wick 2 and Atomic Blonde, as well as multiple other films as a stunt-man and fight choreographer, fans had high expectations for the fight scenes in Deadpool 2. Leitch certainly did not disappoint, and the fight scenes in Deadpool 2 are crammed full of martial arts moves, providing some of the finest scraps you will see in any superhero film.

The film is just as action packed and comedic as its predecessor, but it lacks a lot of the Easter eggs and-in jokes that fans loved about the original.  There are still a lot of gags and fourth wall-breaking moments poking fun at modern pop culture and superhero films, but they are a lot more paced out than in the original film. The sequel has a deeper story and cast to explore, which can hopefully carry the franchise towards the full X-Force film fans have been waiting for.

12342801_1032454986804921_8148860193234525928_nThe writer of this piece was: Louise Saul (aka Tiny Tigress Cosplay)
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  1. Deadpool 2 is more violent than the first movie. It’s also way filthier, magnificently tone-deaf and utterly relentless in the grimy path that it has chosen to walk.

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