ICEMAN returns to Marvel Comics this September

Marvel Comics have announced that their critically acclaimed series ICEMAN, which garnered multiple award nominations during its original run, is set to return this September featuring original writer Sina Grace and brand new series artist Nathan Stockman (Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Doctor Strange And The Sorcerers Supreme).

The new series follows Iceman as he adjusts to super hero life after being a part of the X-Men… which isn’t as easy as he expects.

Speaking to about the announcement, Grace said “Iceman got to try his hand being a leader in the pages of X-Men Gold. While he’s fine enough running a team, he knows it’s not where his strengths are best put to use.”

He continued, adding “He’s still sorting out how he fits in this world when he discovers that morlocks are disappearing in the sewers. What he uncovers in the catacombs is far more terrifying than he could have imagined. From there? Things get really bad.”

With a cover by W. Scott Forbes, ICEMAN #1 goes on sale September 12th 2018.

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