Review – The Man of Steel #3 (DC Comics)

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Jason Fabok & Ryan Sook
Colours: Alex Sinclair
Inks: Jason Fabok, Ryan Sook & Wade Von Grawbadger
Letters: Cory Petit
Release Date: 13th June 2018

We’re now halfway through the Man of Steel story arc, and this latest issue sees Rogol Zaar not only making his way to Earth, but also sending a message directly to Superman through some rather brutal actions. The fires across Metropolis continue to spread and Clark calls in some assistance from a close friend.

Bendis continues to really bring us the best of Superman, with humour and tragedy occurring just pages apart. Batman makes an appearance and may just have the best panel in the entire series so far, his self-aware shenanigans instantly make this a thoroughly worthwhile cameo. Superman’s sudden departure and the panels that follow really help sell the plot on an emotional level and, given the enormity of the crime committed against him, we are all ready to see Zaar take a fall.

Fabok and Sook give us some gorgeous set pieces and really help to convey the full emotional spectrum of Superman as he attempts to track down his quarry. We see his friendly, innocent face when he meets up with Moore, his face of concern as he hears the alarm go off and the grief and heartbreak when he discovers his “gift” from Zaar. A book like this really does deserve the best art to sell the emotional resonance and on this count, The Man of Steel definitely delivers. Sinclair helps to further bring life to the events by giving us a world full of vibrant and startling colour.

Bendis has done his best to really create in Rogol Zaar a despicable and morally corrupt enemy who has the power to back up his hatred.  There is a lot of back story and detail to this tale which gives this issue all the more weight, and Bendis is doing a great job of digging into Superman’s past and really shaking things up.  Towards the end of this issue Superman and Zaar stand, eyes locked on each other with the battle ready to rage and all we want is for Clark to take Zaar apart.

Whether Zaar is evil for evil’s sake or has some genuine reason for his actions, one thing is sure, the battle that is about to unfold is going to be epic! This series is one you really don’t want to miss. Bendis really understands the characters he is writing and knows exactly how to make Superman relatable and sympathetic. Action and epic battles may be on the horizon but it is the characterisation of the cast that ultimately sets the series apart from the other superhero books on the shelves right now.

Rating: 5/5.


The writer of this piece was: Dave MacPhail
Dave Tweets from @ShinKagato

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