Review – Ruinworld #1 (of 5) (BOOM! Studios)

Publisher: BOOM! Studios (KaBOOM! Imprint)
Writer/Artist: Derek Laufman
Lettering: Warren Montgomery
Release Date: 11th July 2018

Ruinworld – a brand new all-ages series from cartoonist Derek Laufman – tells the story of Pogo and Rex, two would-be treasure hunters on the search for fame, adulation and gold.

This first issue introduces us to our twosome, quickly establishing their characters – Rex is the swashbuckling, capable Fox while Pogo is the cowardly, slightly clumsy Pig – as they stumble onto what could be their biggest haul yet: a mysterious and well-guarded treasure map.

While it’s perhaps not reinventing the wheel in terms of its content, the execution is undoubtedly impressive, with Laufman’s clear enthusiasm shining through on every page and an enjoyable blend of humour, likeable characters and fantasy hijinks throughout.

The artwork is well suited to the story, with a cartoony approach to the anthropomorphic fun and some brilliantly lively action set-pieces, including the tentacled beastie that graces the cover of the issue. Laufman also shows a confident hand when it comes to the colouring, using a vibrant palette throughout and doing a solid job of marking the contrast between interior and exterior scenes.

Warren Montgomery’s lettering is also particularly worthy of note, deliver a slick style packed with some pleasing quirks. The changing font styles and colours for certain words of emphasis, for instances, is a neat touch.

After finally getting their paws on the map, things take a somewhat troubling turn for our twosome, and it’s encouraging that there’s limitless potential to expand this series in pretty much any direction Laufman feels like over the next four issues.

Ultimately then, while it’s definitely pitched more at the younger end of the “all-ages” spectrum, there’s a heck of a lot of fun to be had here, and the chemistry and back-and-forth banter between Pogo and Rex is probably worth the cover price alone. Another enjoyable addition to the KaBOOM imprint then, and a book that I’d highly recommend picking up if you have a young comic fan in your life.

Rating: 3.5/5.


ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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