Kickstarter for the Third Issue of Award-Winning ALEX AUTOMATIC is Now Live!

After an absolute belting first couple of issues, the folks at Cabal Comics have just launched a Kickstarter for the third issue of their mind-bending spy series ALEX AUTOMATIC.

The series, written by Fraser Campbell with artwork by James Corcoran, colours by David B. Cooper and lettering by Colin Bell, tells the story of Alex Anderson, a Government agent who has been subjected to experiments to enhance his abilities by a shadowy agency known only as PRISM. However, the process has gone horribly wrong, leaving Alex often trapped inside the delusion that he is the indestructible cyborg super-spy hero of 1970’s TV show, ALEX AUTOMATIC. A TV show that exists entirely inside Alex’s own head.

The new issue – entitled Vérité – promises to deliver more of the same, and sees Alex being captured and examined by covert anti-Prism resistance group, The Academi.

If you happened to miss our singing the praises of the first couple of issues in the series, here’s what we had to say about them:


“Dramatic, absurd and with a surprising tinge of sadness to it, Alex Automatic is exactly the type of unconventional story the UK small press scene thrives on, and is more than worth a few of your hard-earned quid.”


“A ridiculously unique take on a decidedly played-out genre, and a brilliant showcase of the kind of creativity that frequently goes hand-in-hand with self published comics. Highly recommended.”

With a variety of different tiers including “catch up” packages, commissions and original artwork – as well as a variant cover from comics superstar David Rubin (see below) – the Kickstarter is already fully funded, but will run until September 2nd, with Fraser and the gang promising all manner of exciting stretch goals in the weeks to come.


Get on this one, people.  You can thank us later.

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