Madius Comics Launch Kickstarter for All-Ages Giant Rabbit Series BUN

In the lead-up to last year’s Thought Bubble, the fine folk at Madius Comics launched a special preview-sized version of their new all-ages series BUN, and with Thought Bubble 2018 rapidly approaching, the gang have just launched a Kickstarter for the full-size version of the first issue!

For those of you who missed it first time around, BUN tells the story of the titular giant rabbit as he tries to make it in an unfamiliar world.  Written by Michael Sambrook, with gorgeous artwork from Rosie Packwood, colours from Alexa Renee and lettering by Rob Jones, the first issue is 25-pages of full-colour awesomeness, and you can see what I had to say about the 11-page preview edition below:

“Featuring an interesting hook and some lively, upbeat artwork, Bun is just the right amount of weird, and serves as a worthy addition to the rapidly expanding all-ages wing of the Madius Comics mansion. Packwood instantly cements herself as one to watch, and Sambrook proves that he doesn’t need to be co-writing alongside Robin Jones to tell an enjoyable story. Lovely stuff.”


And if you want to see for yourself, you can check out the first 11 pages at a price of pay-whatever-you-want over at Gumroad.  It’s definitely well worth a look.

It’s a fairly straightforward Kickstarter in terms of tiers, with backers able to snag a digital copy of the book for £2 or a physical/digital combo pack for just £4, and will run until Friday the 17th of August.


Well, what are you waiting for?  TOOT TOOT!

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