Todd McFarlane Does A Little Fan-Requested Tweaking to Sony’s VENOM

Todd McFarlane takes a break from his directorial duties on Spawn – which stars Jamie Fox in the titular role – to make some slight alterations to Sony’s Venom.

Credited as a co-creator of the alien anti-hero, McFarlane released a video on Facebook in response to fans asking for his reaction and impressions of Sony’s depiction of the character. In the video, he makes tweaks and modifications resulting in a more savage and hulking looking Venom.

McFarlane popularity grew in the late 80s as the artist on the comic The Amazing Spider-Man, where he illustrated the first appearance of Eddie Brock the character most synonymous with the Symbiote. Although there is some debate as to how much credit McFarlane should receive on the creation of Brock/Venom, The Amazing Spider-Man writer, David Michelinie, says the character would not have attained the popularity it did without McFarlane.

Overall, McFarlane thinks Hardy is doing a good job. He says the trailer looks good and is hoping for big things when the movie is released later this year.

Venom hits theaters Oct. 5, 2018.

Lawr_avThe writer of this piece is: Laurence Almalvez
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1 Comment on Todd McFarlane Does A Little Fan-Requested Tweaking to Sony’s VENOM

  1. Wonder what he thinks of Venom without the spider logo?

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