Kickstarter for the Second Issue of Bombastic Genie Story UNTETHERED is now Live!

Writer Umar Ditta is currently running a Kickstarter for the second issue of UNTETHERED, a series he co-created with artist Elliot Balson.

Featuring colours from Mike Maynard and letters by Rob Jones, the story is centred around Frank, a fairly troubled old man who ends up swigging down the contents of a strange vial – a vial which turns out to contains a genie.  The first issue introduced us to the genie itself, and saw it being forced to take somewhat drastic action when… well… let’s just say its situation deteriorates rather rapidly.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to take an early sneak peek at issue two, and I’m happy to confirm it continues to expand on this fascinating situation with Ditta doing a great job of fleshing out his existing cast of character while adding some new wrinkles to the proceedings.  Chief amongst these ‘wrinkles’ is the introduction of single-minded adversary who will do anything in his power to obtain the genie’s former “home”, and watching him trying to track down the ‘good guys’ gives the issue a real jolt of energy.

The second chapter also features more striking artwork, and while the version we saw hadn’t been given the colour treatment from Maynard just yet, it’s clear that Balson is honing his skills at a rapid pace, with some beautifully kinetic layouts and wonderfully expressive characters.

Simply put, this is an absolute terrific idea for a comic, and I’ve personally always been a huge fan of stories where the fantastical and real world collide.  Ditta and the rest of the creative team should be applauded for the effort they’ve put into this story and its characters, and honestly, it would be an absolute crime if this second issue didn’t end up getting fully funded.

With pledge levels ranging from £2 for a digital copy of the comic all the way to £80 for a mammoth pack of goodies including comics, posters, prints and the original cover artwork from the issue, there’s something here to satisfy any wallet.

The Kickstarter is set to run until Friday the 24th of August and is currently around 50% funded.  Definitely well worth a look if you have a few quid spare and fancy taking a punt on an exciting creator-owned comic.


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