Henry Cavill Reportedly Hanging Up His Superman Cape

The Hollywood Reporter are speculating that Warner Bros’ DC Cinematic Universe is potentially in trouble again, with Henry Cavill increasingly unlikely to reprise his role as Superman.

Citing anonymous sources within Warner Bros, THR’s article discussed how WB were trying to coax Cavill to sign on a cameo in their upcoming Shazam! movie, only for contract talks to break down due to “scheduling conflicts” (likely due to Cavill’s recently announced starring role in Netflix’s Witcher series.)

Reports differ greatly on just what direction WB is planning on taking their DC Universe next, with an attempt to mirror Marvel’s “shared universe” style coming up a little short with last year’s commercially underwhelming Justice League, and whispered talks of a “shake up” being leaked regularly. 

While all of this can be taken with a pinch of salt until anything concrete is announced (“Anonymous sources” though? Really?), it definitely isn’t a great sign for the already struggling studio. 

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1 Comment on Henry Cavill Reportedly Hanging Up His Superman Cape

  1. Considering the poor box office performance of Justice League, I’m not surprised that Henry Cavill is perhaps unwilling to reprise his role as Superman – especially after his role in Mission Impossible Fallout and the new upcoming Witches series. I’d like to see Henry Cavill as the next Bond, think he’d be great as 007.

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