Geeking Out – Every Day is Batman Day

It’s Batman Day, officially, so of course we HAVE to have a giveaway… And, you know, remember to announce the winner of the last one (oops).

There will be a return to regular programming soon, but for now how do you fancy winning not one but two exclusive promos?

To start, the Nightmare Batman from BvS, a GenCon exclusive that’s not available anywhere, anyhow.

That not enough?

Well how about Knightfall? Yup, the online exclusive Azrael-Batman, in all his divine glory.All you need to do is do the old like share comment tango!

Contest closes 1st October, when we’ll be looking at the huge range of new CW releases, the giant Batboxes (including the new, yet to be announced Suicide Squad set… Oops 😉 ), the giant 80th anniversary batman “miniature” and more!

And – before I forget – the winner of our Luna Lovegood promo contest is…Ron Senior!

The moral of the story being get your name down for every contest you possibly can 😉 Congratulations!

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6 Comments on Geeking Out – Every Day is Batman Day

  1. The Azrael-Batman is very cool. I wonder if there will be more miniatures of the DC movies. We have the ‘regular’ Affleck Batman, Ezra Flash. Perhaps some day the other members of the Justice League. I also hope that Beastboy will join the Teen Titans.

  2. The more Bat, the better.

  3. Cant wait for the new batboxes!

  4. The Bat-boxes KM announced are a great idea. A 350 rep crew right out of the box. Makes recruiting new players a tad easier.

  5. Wait, how do you actually enter?

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