Lemire and Ormston’s Black Hammer Picked up for “Multiple Projects for Film and Television”

Dark Horse Comics’ Eisner Award-winning series Black Hammer has been picked up by Legendary Entertainment for an expansive TV and film deal, it was announced today.

No firm details have been revealed as yet, but Nick Pepper, president of Legendary Television Studios spoke about the acquisition of the property – the brainchild of writer Jeff Lemire and artist Dean Ormston – saying: “With our development team, one of our big initiatives was to bring in a superhero universe. We were lucky enough that this was available.”

Lemire also hinted about the scope of the plans ahead, adding “With Black Hammer, it’s not just one book. It’s a whole universe with multiple books — and it will be multiple projects for film and television.”

The original award-winning series, which Lemire calls his “love letter to superhero comics as an indie comic”, has already birthed several well-received spin-offs, including the likes of Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil and Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows, and there’s almost limitless scope for expansion with the rich, distinctive world both Lemire and Ormston have created.

With comics being snapped up left, right and centre for big and small screen adaptations, the acquisition of the red-hot Black Hammer property should be seen as something of a coup from Legendary Entertainment, and as massive fans of pretty much everything released so far, we’ll be watching this particular situation with bated breath to see what announcements are forthcoming.

To find out a little more about Black Hammer and how the series came about, you can check out our interview with Jeff Lemire from back in 2016 by CLICKING HERE.

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