AfterShock Comics Announce Brand New ANIMOSITY TALES for Free Comic Book Day 2019

Today, AfterShock Comics announced their offering for Free Comic Book Day 2019 in the form of ANIMOSITY TALES, an all-new tale from the critically-acclaimed world of ANIMOSITY, written by title creator Marguerite Bennett (INSEXTS, DC Comics Bombshell, Batwoman) and illustrated by Elton Thomasi (Hassas, Socket) with a cover by Rafael De Latorre (SUPERZERO).

ANIMOSITY TALES is an extension of the dystopian world of ANIMOSITY, which is currently being adapted for the big screen by Legendary Entertainment, and will provide readers with the intertwined tales of three lives and a date with destiny amid a black comedy apocalypse where animals take revenge.

Speaking about the release, series writer Margueritte Bennett said “I hope readers new and old will get a kick out of the more light-hearted tale of the world of ANIMOSITY and the events of the Wake, the day the Animals all ‘woke up’ and gained the powers of thought and speech previously reserved only for humans.  Our FCBD story is fun, funny (fin? finny?) adventures of a certain Siamese fighting fish and his college student mistress – while the birds, bees, and other Animals run amok in the aftermath, our betta fish is determined not to let a glass bowl or tank walls keep him from living life to the fullest.”

Mike Marts, AfterShock’s Editor-in-Chief added “ANIMOSITY TALES is our gift to the fans who have made ANIMOSITY one of the most popular and sought after titles on the indie scene and AfterShock one of the most talked about new publishers in comics. Fans of the series and new readers are in for a treat with this free, single issue special edition from an incredible creator and storyteller.”

It all sounds fantastic, but if you can’t wait until the 4th of May, have no fear because you can feast your eyes on some of Thomasi’s unlettered artwork for the FCBD release below.


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