Review – Monologue Volume 1 #1 (Millicent Barnes Comics)

Publisher: Millicent Barnes Comics
Writer/Artist: SJ McCune
Currently available on the Comichaus App (DOWNLOAD HERE).

There are a plethora of themes explored in this short little volume. Some explicit, others left open but all wrapped up in a visually pleasing bundle for you to feast your eyes on. This is yet another nice little small press series I’ll be digging into over the next few weeks thanks to Comichaus, and yet another book I wouldn’t have found out about without the assistance of the ‘Netflix of Comics.’

Monologue delivers pretty much what the title suggests. The story is based around an unnamed girl as she talks us through the strange journey she has been on and the strangeness of life in general. She is racing across the desert, with Luis, her only companion (and it seems mortal enemy) driving the car as the pair are hotly pursued by the police. And as she gradually comes to terms with what seems to be the inevitable conclusion of her time with Luis, she makes a decision that will affect the rest of her life and how she views it.

Monologue is one of those comics that you can really feel the creator has poured their heart and soul into. And while it’s not perfect, it still manages to produce something that will strike a chord in all of us, leaving you to ponder just where this insane view on reality will take us in the next issue.

The monologue itself flows like it would be if it were performed on stage, taking you through the conclusions and thoughts of the lead character as the art depicts how these revelations shape her world around her. It’s nicely handled, particularly the theme of deja vu and childhood memories. When you walk down a road you’ve never been down and feel like you’ve been there before, why is this? Will something happen in the future which leaves a scar deep enough to affect you now? Or is it simply reminding you of something in your past which paints this new scene with a feeling familiarity? And if something seems real enough to you but no one else can you actually say it’s not real, or are there are simply different levels of what we call ‘real’?

All interesting questions, delivered here alongside many others, touching on themes like sanity and reality that will make any philosophy buff scratch their heads and read on. Sure the art is a bit rough around the edges at times but it doesn’t detract from the story in the slightest. A sound indie comic that’s well worth a look.

The writer of this piece was: Indiana “Indy” Marlow
Indy Tweets from @smokingpunkindy


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