Review – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #36 (BOOM! Studios)

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artists: Simone Di Meo, Alessandro Cappuccio
Colorists: Walter Baiamonte, Francesco Segala
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Release Date: 27th February 2019

With the news that “Beyond the Grid” will end at issue #39 we’ve entered the beginning of the end for our beloved creative and Power Ranger teams. So with that in mind, let’s start talking about how my all-time favourite Power Rangers comic run is starting to wrap up.

The team has settled in and rebellion is in the air. Across the galaxy the Rangers still with power attempt to free world after world from the Praetor, but with powers running low resentment grows in the ranks from those cut off from the Morphin Grid. Things can’t last like this. But what is the Splinted Star, and will it bring salvation or a swift end to our rag-tag team?

This is very much a setup issue. Series writer Marguerite Bennett moves our Rangers from location to location to build the new status quo ahead of the inevitable final battle. However, since this issue is light on action it allows Bennet to focus on what I’ve loved most about this run, the characters and their intriguing interactions.

We’re treated to even more than usual here in the form of scenes featuring the powerless Rangers and their growing ill-feeling towards their friends still with powers. It’s a great dynamic, and goes a long way towards showing that while they’re very much heroes and are meant to be flawless, at the end of the day our Rangers are still very human.

The issue also thankfully gives some more development on the Mike/ Tanya relationship, which has been an absolute joy to this point. Mike especially has some really messed up moments here and because we’ve grown to care about these characters it really affects us.

Even though action is light, Simone Di Meo and Walter Baiamonte still turn out the amazing quality of artwork that we’ve all come to expect by now. We really get the emotions here from Di Meo and it helps to make the more dramatic parts of the story with Mike and Tanya feel even more impactful. Also, absolutely nobody makes space look better than Walter Baiamonte. His colours are an absolute treat for the eyes and I’m honestly going to be heartbroken when this team finishes up.

In the end, you’re probably already on board at this point. And, surprising absolutely no-one this is another really, really good issue of what I can easily say is my favourite Power Rangers comic run to date. The end is drawing near, and, knowing this team’s track record, it’s going to be one hell of a finale.

Rating: 4/5.



The writer of this piece was: Jonathan Mullen
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