Geeking Out – Mayhem and More

So I hear you want to win a Transformers deck? Well, read on, and not only will get to find out the winner of our Transformers TCG competition, you’ll also get the chance to win a giant, Oversized Omega Supreme!

This exclusive promo is being given away at UK pre-release events (and in the US, only in Lootcrate).

We’re remarkably good to you, so we are.

But meanwhile, here at BCP Towers, we’ve been getting stuck into DUNGEON MAYHEM.

With an RRP of £12.99, it’s priced well for a self-contained game; it’s a fun little affair, a frantic D&D family card game. It’s designed for 8+, so we decided to test the claim: we got the younger lad (8) to read the rules and teach us all. And he did so, more than admirably.

There are 4 decks, one for each of Orc Barbarian, Devilish Rogue, Elf Paladin and Human Wizard. Each character has a card with symbols that match those on their respective 28-card deck, with symbols equating to draw a card, play a card, block a damage, cause a damage, or do something characterful (the wizard’s fireball damages everyone, for example).

It’s extremely simple and remarkably funny: the orc is comedy gold, particularly when she pulls out her Cause damage to gain health card. There’s plenty of shenanigans – the wizard’s vampiric touch spell means life totals are constantly switching back and forth.

It’s cutthroat – there may be some sibling victimisation – and incredibly quick: the box says 10 minutes for a game but we can do 2 in that time easily. This doesn’t mean it’s disposable, it’s just fast, furious fun, with plenty of replay value as you try out the different characters. It’s the perfect travel game, and highly recommended.


So, anyway, the winner of the Autobot starter deck (plus Megatron, Ramjet and Barrage for good measure) is… BENJAMIN BODDINGTON!

Congratulations Benjamin! Drop us a quick email (CLICK HERE) for details of how to claim your prize.

And if you didn’t win, never fret! Because you could still win Omega Supreme!

Here’s how to enter…

1) Follow Big Comic Page on Facebook
2) Follow Transformers Trading Card Game on Facebook.
3) Comment on on this Facebook post with your favourite game to play with the whole family!

We’ll reveal the results soon as, alongside our next set of Geeking Out goodness.

Stay shiny!

SAMDAVThe Writer of this piece was: Sam Graven
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