American Gods S02E03 “Demonstrates Again Just How Well the Show Keeps its Plates Spinning” [REVIEW]

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Episode 3 of American Gods picks off exactly where the sound of clunking metal left us last week, and things go from weird to downright bananas in the following 50 minutes.

Laura Moon is in pieces, both literally and physically, after coming to the aid of her husband. Under much duress she is taken by her grumpy Irish companion Sweeney and Mr Wednesday to get sewn back up. It’s here that the story once again splits into three separate threads; Sweeney goes one way, Laura joins the old Odin, and Shadow staggers out of the wreckage to find his way to his boss’ next random task.

This episode demonstrates again just how well the show keeps its plates spinning, managing to tie all the different plotlines together while still ensuring that each thread is both stand-alone and enjoyable.  Laura simultaneously steals the show and shows us all just how far the showrunners can depart from the source material while still keeping its spirit intact.  It also manages to put one of my nagging worries to rest, and her journey of finding out who the ‘new’ her is continues with unforeseen guidance from Wednesday, who playing his cards close to his chest like any good con man, revealing just enough to get her to do what he wants.





Pablo Schreiber is bloody hilarious this week, stealing every brief scene he’s in by channelling his inner Buster Keaton for some classic physical comedy as the unlucky streak of the leprechaun continues.  Shadow is rolling with punches of this new journey he finds himself on, meeting the perfectly cast  Kaweenáhere Deveery Jacobs as Samantha Black Crow, the strange-but-helpful local giving Shadow a ride. Salim and his Jinn lover are the odd couple of this episode, serving as one more cog in Wednesday’s machine and giving Salim a greater view of what this world has to offer — and the audience a view of how deep the involvement of the Old Gods in our world is.

But it’s not all about the Old Gods, because the New Gods have a new member. In a bold choice by the writers, New Media is the recast from season 1. Gillian Anderson departed the show between seasons to be replaced by actress Kahyun Kim, and with that replacement comes a revamp of the charter in typical new god fashion. New Media epitomises the modern-day fascination with social media, adding a Kawaii style both terms of costume and here bubbly nature, and she fits right in with the grumpy Tech Boy who is clearly jealous of this new incarnation stealing his thunder.


The search for the God Atlas demonstrates one again the beauty of this show, albeit one steeped in contrast. On the one hand you have the faithful recreation of old myths and classic Americana and on the other you have the colourful neon glow of the modern day. This visual smorgasbord is like ice cream for the eyes, from the resurrection scene of the lost car in the opener to the wonderful flashing gleam of meticulously made sets. Simply put, everything continues to be perfect.

Rating: 5/5.

The writer of this piece was: Indiana “Indy” Marlow
Indy Tweets from @smokingpunkindy

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