Review – Peace of Mind #2 (Grym Comics)

Story: Callum Fraser
Artwork: Emiliano Correa
Lettering: Rob Jones

Here we go down the rabbit hole again. After the unexpected remote breach of the network by our Jane Doe client 57762D, Mickey searches for a way to communicate with her. Running low on supplies and needing more equipment, Mickey talks the rest of the gang into heading topside to the factory district; a journey that poses its own risks, especially for Leroy.

This issue gives us much more insight into our protagonists and the world they inhabit. Each of them have been forced into the lives they lead by a brutal, autocratic regime enforced by military oppression. Mickey grew up as one of the labourers doing the kind of work that was cheaper to have people do than automated systems, an increasingly violent and dangerous community that forced him to head out on his own. Suze, a politics major with a loving family, was exiled as a dissident for peacefully protesting in a society that no longer accepts protesting, peaceful or otherwise. Leroy, a soldier on the run as a deserter, is unable to be a part of the systematic and ruthless oppression of innocent and suffering people.

Having really enjoyed the first issue of this series, I’m really pleased to say that this issue provides a real step up in style and quality. It’s great to see the character development, and whilst the parallels between The Matrix and the storyline involving 57762D are quite clear, I like the fact that the guardians of the network seem to appear as boogeymen, giving an almost supernatural aspect to the interactions.

As a brief aside, if Callum Fraser could please give us a name for our comatose heroine I’d be eternally grateful as I can barely remember my own PIN number reliably.

In many ways the artwork in this issue comes across as more subdued. The first issue had a much more psychedelic presentation, but this issue is about loss, injustice and fear, and the darker, somber images are much more in keeping with the narrative.

There is also a grander scale to the world we are presented. I may have mentioned before in previous reviews but if you’re going to give me architecture, make it Cyclopean, make it otherworldly, and give me dark foreboding portals. Well, the team’s journey topside is via what has to be the largest, most daunting looking drainage system I’ve seen in years and I loved it!

I also have to say that the artwork has really developed from the previous issue and appears much more confident here. Between this and the improvement of the narrative, the whole issue just feels like the creative team have become a lot more invested in their creation and are having much more fun working on it.

I am thoroughly enjoying this series and I’m looking forward to seeing what Fraser, Correa and Jones have in store for us next time!

You can buy both issues of Peace of Mind from the Grym Comics Website.

The writer of this piece was: Mark Scott
Mark Tweets from @macoy_comicgeek ‏

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