Transformers TCG – Exclusive Card Reveal!

Yes, as we teased yesterday, Hasbro have made a Calculated decision to give us a sneak peak at one of the cards that’ll be Striking down your opponents in Wave 3 (releasing June 28th)… guessed the title yet?

Click to enlarge

Let’s take a quick look at this beauty of a common – we’re not going into heavy meta analysis here, but here’s our first thoughts: Black dot, so adds Pierce 1 when flipped – fair enough. But, as the card image suggests, this is about Tankbusting: rip open those big fat blue dot tank decks.

That being said, this could also be a good call for a solid Blue/Black deck, with a regular Hunker Down/Superior Plating build using Pierce Cons and Black dots to bring the pain. I reckon this is going to cause some serious aggro in our house – what do you guys reckon? Let us know in the comments!


Whilst you’re chewing over that, the winner of our Gaslands gizmo contest was… Gareth D!

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Thanks as always for your support of BCP. Coming soon, a look at Mantic’s Hellboy Board Game, an exclusive interview, more TCG and BMG previews, and more besides!

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1 Comment on Transformers TCG – Exclusive Card Reveal!

  1. Logan Fountain // May 11, 2019 at 2:02 am // Reply

    We need a soundwave, Unicron card in transformers tcg

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