Review – The Books of Magic #8 (DC Vertigo)

Publisher: DC Vertigo
Writer: Kat Howard
Artists: Tom Fowler, Brian Churilla
Colours: Jordan Boyd, Marissa Louise
Letters: Todd Klein
Release Date: 22nd May 2019

Tim is more on a knife’s edge than we thought in latest issue of Books of Magic. Still under the watchful gaze of Queen Titiana, it is revealed the real reason (or at least part of it) for Rose taking Tim under her wing was not just for his protection, but for the protection of others as well. The dark reflection we saw last issue was more true than we previously thought, and not only is Rose well aware of this, but she’s also willing to stop it from happening… at any cost.

The future remains unwritten but Titiana has seen enough to take Tim’s memory and try and stop this dreadful possible certainty.  How bad could it be? Well bad enough for the Queen of Fae to try and stop it, and the Cold Flame to try to take him and Rose to steer him well away from it. Thankfully, Tim himself seems content enough to marvel at the wonders all around him. Until that is, his curiosity gets the best of him.

This yet another beautiful piece by Kat Howard and the rest of team, moving the story along while still taking the time to show the adverse relationship between mistakes and what we choose to let define us. The writing has ensured that Tim isn’t merely a viewing glass through which to view this insane magical world, but also a hero we can truly relate to. One who chooses to not live by his mistakes, but make the right decision in the present because it’s the right thing to do. I love writing that manages to give you something to really thing about rather than just a cool story, and that’s exactly what we get here.

What can I say about the art? Tom Fowler and the crew once again manage to strike the perfect balance between gorgeous and bloody nightmare fuel. Only a comic like Books of Magic can lull you into a false sense of security the way the visuals do here. One minute you’re like Tim, blinded by the summer greens and wondrous little fairy creatures, and then as he takes a stroll down the path and you flick through the pages you end up covered in scarlet fluids with skeletal figures screaming at you through the paper (also, we get a great bit of foreshadowing by having Tim wear this red hoodie the whole time,  a sly nod to his inner nature.)

Fantastic is just one of the many words I could choose to describe this latest issue.  If you’re not already reading this series, you’re seriously missing out.

Rating: 5/5.


The writer of this piece was: Indiana “Indy” Marlow
Indy Tweets from @smokingpunkindy

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