Fans Choose What Series Gets Published In Ahoy Comics “Steel Cage” Anthology

AHOY Comics have announced details of STEEL CAGE #1, a one-shot comic book anthology where readers will be able to vote on which story gets picked up for a full series.

The anthology, featuring three dazzling short “pilot” stories from all star creative teams, hits stores on the 26th of June, and fans will be able to vote on which story continues at the AHOY Comics Website (CLICK HERE).

The competing stories in the STEEL CAGE One Shot are:

“Noah Zark” by writer Mark Waid and artist Lanna Souvanny, in which an alien boy is kidnapped into an interplanetary zoo—and becomes the protector of the animals;

“True Identity” by writer Tom Peyer and artist Alan Robinson, in which we learn what secret anguish drives the most beloved superhero on Earth;

Writer Stuart Moore and artist Peter Gross’s “Bright Boy” in which we discover the grim tale of the world’s smartest human—and the havoc he leaves in his wake.

Mark Waid, the New York Times bestselling writer of beloved comics including KINGDOM COME and IRREDEEMABLE, is contributing his first story for AHOY Comics in STEEL CAGE. Waid said, “As I look down from high above the Mount Olympus of legendary comic book writers, it amuses me to see the flailing True Identity and Bright Boy teams wander aimlessly in search of some sort, any sort. of ladder with which to ascend by standing on the backs of their adorable ‘creations.’ Perhaps there will come a day when they find themselves privileged enough to sit before Lanna and I and bask in our boundless glory. Until then, we shall simply nibble on our ambrosia and laugh.”

“I mean, let’s get real,” said Stuart Moore, the writer and co-creator of CAPTAIN GINGER and BRONZE AGE BOOGIE. “When you come home from a hard day at the Soylent Green plant and rip open your comics bundle, what do you want to read about? A kid in a zoo? A SUPERHERO? No—you want to read about the smartest guy in the world! Bright Boy for the win!”

Tom Peyer, AHOY Comics’ Editor-in-Chief and the writer of its acclaimed comics THE WRONG EARTH, HASHTAG DANGER and HIGH HEAVEN, said, ““When I read Bright Boy or Noah Zark—and I’ve been reading both stories obsessively—my head is tilted as if to say, ‘what an adorable, childlike attempt to prevent the inevitable victory of Alan’s and my True Identity.’ And then I shed a tear, because there’s something deeply sad about their efforts.”

Voting is live now and will end the Friday before San Diego Comic Con International. The winner will be officially announced during San Diego Comic Con International.

For more updates on AHOY Comics, visit them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
Article Archive: Ceej Says
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