Geeking Out Giveaway – Return To Hogwarts!

The wizarding world, it seems, is inescapable.

Knight Models are bringing out a revised version of their Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game core game box, less than a year after the game’s original release. This move has prompted concern and confusion amongst muggles and wizards alike, and so we’re going to see if we can put some of them to rest.

Coming on 16th July is the revised version of the core Harry Potter boxed game.

[Click to Enlarge]

So read on, and as ever, decide for yourself – and you can win one of your very own!

First of all, this isn’t a second edition. According to KM it’s a “Re-edition” – possibly something lost in translation there – but crucially, it’s the same game, and in no way invalidates anything that’s gone before.

It is, in theory, an attempt to address a number of issues, which in fact I highlighted in my original review:

(1) thin cardstock on the tokens and templates.

(2) perilously delicate wands

(3) a vague, seemingly incomplete rulebook.

So what’s changed?

Product quality: it’s all about the thickness.

Thicker wands – new resin, more like restic (plastic/ resin composite) (old built above, new on sprue below):

Which is fine for holding details (new left, old right):

Much thicker cardstock for tokens and in-game scenery (new left, old right):

And for boards, with properly finished folds. (Old above, new below):

Good and bad: Some slightly different images and no erratad text in rulebook, but no wizarding wars rules.

Only real criticism: no snazzy dice any more:

So what do I think?

Well, it’s tricky to be honest. For starters, I am really pleased with the new cardstock. It’s infinitely better and makes the game feel like a proper high-end boardgame, justifying the price tag.

The new wands make sense, although they’re not quite as pretty. And I miss the old dice!

I still don’t see the point in physical Acromantula tokens, as the card stock on the decks is still a bit flimsy, and this would’ve been a better trade-off in my view.

Campaign deck/mode is still there, but still not fixed.

Having the errata added, even with the rulebook now going digital, would have been a big improvement, and not having the Wizarding Wars rules is a bit disappointing, if unsurprising.

Overall then, it’s a good reissue, and definitely worth it if you’re into your Potter, but be aware of the changes.


Interested in getting a set for yourself?

Well, you can buy direct from, and pick yourself up some promos in the process.

Or you could head over to one of our friends Element Games, using code SAM4132 to earn DOUBLE store credit and try and snag a bargain!

Or, you know, you could just WIN this bad boy by entering our latest Geeking Out Giveaway!

How do I enter, I hear you ask? Easy!

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The winner will be announced on Sunday the 21st of July. And, as always, if you’re outside the UK, we won’t be able to cover the postage costs if you do win.


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