Review – Deiciders #1 (Markosia)

Publisher: Markosia
Writers: Pedro Mendes & Andre Mateus
Artwork: Pedro Mendes
Colours: Patrik Caetano
Lettering: Ryan Bielak
Release Date: 4th June 2019 (available now on ComiXology)

In the days of Norse mythology, ice and snow, Gods and Monsters, a few brave men hunt and slay the creatures that haunt the woods and mountains. This is their story.

Deiciders is a series that has a great set-up, with an aged storyteller selling his tales to those willing to spend a coin and a little time to hear tales of high adventure and the horrors in the dark shadows. From the perspective of longevity, this story could easily be delivered in a ‘monster of the week’ format while retaining a running back story. There‘s certainly enough Norse mythology to keep this series running and there is ample opportunity for the adventurers to move into the mythologies of other cultures.

This first issue, “Of Wolf And Man” is, unsurprisingly, a story of werewolves and blood and a revenge which, for some, is very personal. A remote village sacrifices its daughters to the giant wolf Fenrir in order to keep marauding wolves from destroying all their sheep. However, when the elder’s daughter is chosen he seeks out a band of mercenaries to rescue her and kill Fenrir to free them of their curse. What none of them realise, however, is that it’s not just wolves that are terrorising them but a band of werewolves set on creating a new world order.

I really enjoyed the story, and it had a lot of great elements, but I found myself wishing it was a little longer as it’s felt a little bit rushed for my tastes. For me, you’re never going to go far wrong with mythology, especially Norse Mythology, and the Conan-esque delivery that Pedro Mendes and Andre Mateus bring to the table will certainly work in their favour going forward. As an opening issue it certainly grabs the reader’s attention, and as a teaser of bigger things to come I’d certainly be interested in seeing what the team are going to produce next.

Mendes’ artwork throughout is pretty good. For me, it’s not quite as good as his work on Little Girl Black, but still good enough to keep the tension going and deliver some interesting characters and monster designs.  That’s one kill in particular which is fantastic. However, without being hugely negative, I think it’s the colouring that slightly lets down the artwork in this issue. For the most part it’s fine, but there are definitely some areas where it feels a bit muddy and takes away the sense of depth in the panel.  This is particularly noticeable during the fight scenes where you really need the dynamic movement to come across on the page.

All in all, this is a solid effort with the potential to be a great series if they can tighten up the artwork a little.

Rating: 3/5.


The writer of this piece was: Mark Scott
Mark Tweets from @macoy_comicgeek ‏

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